I’ve decided I love podcasts! After being interviewed by the lovely Joel Hughes recently, and posting the resultant piece to the blog I had a little look into how I could do it myself.

I’ve written about how amazed I was to find out how easy it was to start a blog. That’s nothing to how easy it is to start to podcast! The iPhone is a wonderful tool, and literally in a few minutes its possible to get your vocalised thoughts and feelings published on line. Incredible!

So here we go, as a little experiment, I’m going to run a series of 3 minute tips about marketing, advertising, social media or whatever comes to mind.

Then I’ll consider any sort of feedback I get and try to judge whether its worth carrying on with them!

I’ve got a great deal for you, here is the first one, called ‘why won’t they buy’ and the second one, how to deal with that, is right there after it!

Two for the price of one!

[gigya src=”http://boos.audioboo.fm/swf/fullsize_player.swf” flashvars=”mp3=http%3A%2F%2Faudioboo.fm%2Fboos%2F1101199-why-won-t-they-buy.mp3%3Fsource%3Dwordpress&mp3Author=MrTonyDowling&mp3LinkURL=http%3A%2F%2Faudioboo.fm%2Fboos%2F1101199-why-won-t-they-buy&mp3Time=03.54pm+07+Dec+2012&mp3Title=Why+won%27t+they+buy%3F” width=”400″ height=”160″ allowFullScreen=”true” wmode=”transparent”]

And here we go with the answer to the questions posed, again, within three minutes!

[gigya src=”http://boos.audioboo.fm/swf/fullsize_player.swf” flashvars=”mp3=http%3A%2F%2Faudioboo.fm%2Fboos%2F1101235-how-to-get-them-to-buy.mp3%3Fsource%3Dwordpress&mp3Author=MrTonyDowling&mp3LinkURL=http%3A%2F%2Faudioboo.fm%2Fboos%2F1101235-how-to-get-them-to-buy&mp3Time=04.20pm+07+Dec+2012&mp3Title=How+to+get+them+to+buy” width=”400″ height=”160″ allowFullScreen=”true” wmode=”transparent”]

Please let me know what you think, and if you would like some more. Leave a comments below or email me on [email protected]

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  1. John Heaney (@johnheaney)
    John Heaney (@johnheaney) says:

    Tony, the podcasts are a nice addition to the blog and I believe they both deal with the single most important criteria that will propel or derail a sale: trust. We’ve been exposed to so many pitches that we’ve become cynical and reflexively defensive whenever we feel that we’re being pitched again. We’ve been conditioned to expect exaggeration, puffery and outright lies so it’s no wonder that closing a sale is so difficult. Unless your client already knows you and trusts you. That’s why social media platforms are so powerful. They enable the thoughtful and genuine marketer to connect with prospects through real-life stories that detail who they are as a company, how their products/services have helped people just like them. And, most powerfully, the engagement through these platforms puts a human face on what was a corporate monolith, letting companies build relationships that engender trust and convert to sales.

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Thats a great comment John, thanks. I completely agree that the process you describe is in play here. But Im not sure its about trust at least not in the sales arena.
      The point I am trying to make is that you need to demonstrate that what your selling will work. I guess you could describe that as building trust in your product or solution, but I am not sure that the seller themselves is who is trusted. It takes a long time (and repeated positive results) to build trust I think?
      Its the authenticity that is at play I think is so powerful
      And that why social media is such a force! You can’t (at this stage) fake social engagement – so businesses that can do it come over brilliantly, those that can’t are at a huge disadvantage.
      But whether those companies are trusted Im not so sure – their messages are, but the companies?
      Maybe I’m being a little pedantic!
      Whatever, I am pretty sure we have the topic for the next 3 minute podcast!

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