My friend Sean's new website

My friend Sean’s new website

I had a great letter from a good friend of mine the other day. He has been working on his business for a while now, and is really starting to make some head way. Over the last few years we have tried to help each other. Me with the old marketing advice, and he has tried to help me overcome some of my sports psychology issues with golf!

If you’ve ever seen me play golf, you’ll know the cause is hopeless! But Sean really seems to be making progress with his business at least.

Here is his (edited) note;

Hi Tony

It’s a long time since we spoke! I have to ask . . . how is your golf?

 I thought I’d give you an update on what I have been doing – inspired from that day when you created a word press website for me and showed me Mark W Schaefer’s website. Ever since I have been striving to create a similar platform for myself!

 I have a new website: and have just published my second ebook: ‘Freedom from Exam Stress’ The book includes chapters on how to help students deal with such challenges as: Procrastination. Pre-Test Anxiety, Feeling Overwhelmed, Perfectionism and many more. The book also includes ten custom made audio downloads that students can use even as they walk into the exam room to help keep them calm and a ten minute video explaining the technique. 

I would we be great if possible I you are able to advise me on how to market this book. I do feel approaching some newspapers and radio stations would be a good idea. 

This link is for my sales page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


My reply – and its helps if you pop over to Seans website for a look first, might make more sense!

Hi Sean

I have just two main points to make. 

I would definitely get some of the testimonials you use more developed. Try and use pictures of the people featured, and even better, video if you can. You use video brilliantly on the site, and I think some video testimonials would fit in really well. 

And then get these on the home page so that they are easier for people to see. Don’t just list them on the testimonial page. Its a bit flat and not at all attention grabbing. 

Maybe have a carousel with testimonials rotating in the middle of the homepage? Do you know what I mean? Your web developer can help with this. And pictures at least, if not video of the real people you’ve helped. 

The other point is the blog. 

This is the chance you have to really make this website sing! 

There are two reasons to make sure you post more regularly. 

One is that it makes the website look like a current, modern place to visit, and means the reader thinks its more likely there is a real person the other side.

Two is that Google loves fresh content. Publishing to your blog regularly means Google is more likely to point people to your site in answer to their questions. So if people are online line searching for the answers to the questions you are able to help them with, it makes sense to make sure Google knows about you and is happy to send you traffic. 

In terms of promoting your book and the site, there isn’t a better thing you could do than to blog on a regular basis!

Think about writing everything from in depth articles to interviews with your own sporting or musical heroes, maybe updates on the latest in EFT or even just great stories from the world of high performance. And don’t limit yourself to writing – you can also do podcasts and even better, and really in keeping with your website, videos blogs.

Don be afraid to ‘give away’ answers to the questions you are often asked. Don’t ever be be afraid to help people. It actually just makes them even more likely to buy the books. Mark Schaefer will tell you that everything he has ever published in book form is available for free on his website.

What should you post about?

Try thinking of the top ten questions people have about EFT and try to answer those? One question per blog and don’t be afraid to repeat topics with different types of answers.

Also, invite your readers to ask you questions that you can then use to create blog posts! Its a great way to create a helpful website that people find really credible.

PLUS like I said, Google loves blogs. It likes sites that have fresh content that people find useful. Sites that people comment on and link to.

This is the main objective for you now, to create a living breathing website, rather than a brochure type flat website that feels like it hasn’t been updated for a while – even if it has been.

Mark Schafer’s site is obviously a brilliant one to emulate, but here is another great one for you to look at…

This is a ‘Paleo diet’ site, but the guy sets out with the magic ingredient front and centre. He is trying to help. I read the site and I believe he is there to help people. And thats the trick. Only its not a trick! 

Being authentic and helpful on the web is a great way to build your community and your business. And you’ll see that in action on ‘Marks Daily Apple’ and very much so on Mark Schaefer’s website also. 

Don’t put too much effort into the traditional PR route for press and radio just yet.

There is no harm in getting featured of course, and it even adds a bit of credibility to say that you have been published and interviewed and what not, but all that effort results in very fleeting coverage – and one thing you need to be successful in the tradition media market place is a consistent presence.

Your time in the short terms would be better spent creating a regularly updated blog that encourages your readers to comment and ask questions of you, and the others in the community, Traditional PR certainly has value, but its a tough slog for minimal return compared to the return you would get from a regularly updated blog.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 16.53.51


Have a think about using PPC / Facebook advertising? 

PPC or pay per click is a way to pay Google (or other search engines) to send traffic to your website. The idea is that you select the sort of person you are interested in reaching – say for instance, people searching for information about driving tests? Or exam stress? And the search engines send the person to you, and you pay each time some one clicks.

Do a quick search to have a look at the pros and cons for yourself.  But in theory at least, its a very cost efficient way to advertise, as you only pay for what you get, plus you set the budget up front and budgets can be very small.

You can do exactly the same thing on Facebook and Twitter and the platforms will direct your ads, or sponsored stories (there are other ways to do it) directly at people you have pre selected. You can target by age, or demographic or location or behaviour. 

There are drawbacks – Just because you get clicks and traffic, doesn’t necessarily follow you will get people buying from you. You could get some clicks made in error, or people don’t think they have found what they were looking for on your site and quickly click off.

But with a bit of research into what works and how to do it, you’ll be well away. Im convinced this is a very valuable way to build a web business – But caution needs to be applied. 

So there you go, so advice for Sean than I hope you find useful too. And what about you? Have you guys got any advice for him? Anything Ive missed out, or any issue you’d take with whatever I’ve said?

Feel free to comment below!

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  1. Sean Grey
    Sean Grey says:

    Thank you Tony for taking the time to reply in such detail. As always it’s invaluable to have your advice as it helps me keep on the right path with my business. We always say taking action is key, I contacted the education journalist for the Western Mail and I have just sent off a 900 word essay on ‘the common challenges students face in the build up to and taking exams and possible solutions’. Hopefully – if he okays it, it should be featured later this month. Obviously it will be a good way of spreading the word about myself and my book!

    Strange how things work, can you remember a while ago when I was trying to break into the sports world helping with athletes develop their mental strength? You said I would be a good idea for me to look to be seen as an authority in the field I was achieving most success with which at the time was working with musicians and then you may find that athletes because they see the results would become interested. In my tennis club where I coach the box league has become very popular, Over 60 players involved (Men and women play in it). It is very competitive a lot of very successful business men and women who don’t like to lose.

    As we know tennis, like golf is one of those game where it doesn’t respect the number of hours you practice. If you try too hard, get tight, angry, frustrated and get beaten by your ‘friend’, it can be hard to take. Some of the members are beginning to see the benefits of someone who can help them play their best under pressure. So, i thought I may send an email to the members asking what they feel are the ten biggest mental challenges they face playing tennis and do a regular blog on problems and solutions. In a years time I’ll have my next book!

    I see my blog as essential and am excited about the future. One final thing, advice if possible from yourself or your followers. You gave always said about the power of the video, I am keen to do more. The problem I have is the video camera I have- a Panasonic HX-DC2 – the film quality is good but when I play it back because of its limitations with the audio there is irritating whirring sound as it plays. The guys in the shop i bought it from tested it and says its okay(they would say that wouldn’t they) but I need to get a better camera/video with a mic that can be attached. Is it possible to advise me on what may be a good camera/ video to get- at a reasonable price? Thank again for your help- until the next time!

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Thanks Sean! Lovely reply, and its great to see you making even more progress!
      As for a video camera, I would think you’ll have to go a long way to beat an iphone / ipad or other smart phone camera for fast and dirty off the cuff stuff – try that? You can get a very reasonably priced microphone to accompany these devices and have a pretty high quality set up at little cost (assuming you already have the phone!)

  2. Jay Perkins (@Jay_Perkins)
    Jay Perkins (@Jay_Perkins) says:

    Great points, Tony!

    I would also suggest testing some colour changes to the site. The menu, heading text and the call to action ‘Download Here’ are all the same colour, which typically can reduce the number of people who click the download button.

    Try a colour that you only use on the call to action button and nowhere else. Orange seems to be a popular place to start from a lot of the conversion specialists online.

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