According to WordPress there are some 5 BILLION blog pages read each month by some 342 million people, on WordPress alone! Its is hard to know where to start, much less stop when it comes to reading them. Being the all round good guy that I am, I have selflessly done the work so you don’t have to! In my opinion these are the marketing, sales and social media blogs out there you MUST read.

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer Grow Blog: I’ve spoken about Mark many times before and the impact he has had on me personally is testament to his skills as a blogger and indeed a marketer generally. Being fortunate to be able to call him a friend, its easy to forget just how accomplished he is, and how popular his blogs are. Mark’s achievements (according to his website) include: Forbes magazine “Power 50″ social media influencers of the world, AdAge magazine “Power 150″ marketing blogger, TweetSmarter 2011 Twitter User of the year , Peer-elected 2011 B2B Twitter User of the Year, B2B Magazine (UK) social media book of the year: Tao of Twitter, Author of two best-selling marketing books and he owns seven patents

He has created a genuine community, and demonstrates openly on his pages how to ‘do’ social media for all to see. If you want an example of how ‘content marketing’ works, this is it. He is also a great guy, friendly and open, and you can meet him when he comes to speak at ‘Oi – The Online Influence Conference for Wales’ in September.

S Anthony Iannarino

S Anthony Iannarino’s The Sales Blog. This is probably the best outright sales blog I’ve come across. Daily posts mix sales strategy with tactics. Nice and clear ideas that speak directly to anyone with direct sales experience. Another blog that’s a great example of how to do ‘content marketing’ you can find out about the services S Anthony Ianarrino offers in lots of detail. According to the blog he is the president and chief sales officer of Solutions Staffing, and MD of B2B sales coach and consultancy. 

He says ‘This blog is a labor of love for me, and almost everything I write here I intend to collect and publish as a book (or three, or four). I write about sales and selling, sales management, the sales process, what it takes to succeed, but mostly the posts detail what I believe to be an effective sales philosophy and a belief system that leads to success in sales. Because I am a gear head, I sometimes write about the technologies that I find useful.’

Jeff Bullas

Possibly the most prolific marketing blogger out there. My time lines and news feeds are full of content from Jeff Bullas. But in this case, this is a good thing! He never fails to interest, and his posts are packed with the sort of facts and opinions that keep you coming back for more. I probably share more of Jeff’s content than anyone else, but then again, he probably posts more than anyone else! This is what Jeff has to say about his blog:

‘This blog is about all things to do with Social Media and Online Marketing, including Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and inbound and content marketing. The blog’s focus is to assist business in “Getting Found Online” in a digital world and making your company successful’. He goes on to tell us he ‘has a degree in Commerce and Economics and has spent most of his career involved with Information Technologies, Telecommunications and the Web Industry.’

Achievements include: His blog has over 100,000 hits a month. The blog is read in 115 countries worldwide. Twitter followers number over 38,000. Jeff has trained and consulted to the top Australian internet companies including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Ozemail. Finalist – Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2010.  is currently ranked 59th in global marketing blogs according to’s Power 150 Rankings

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan started his business life as a ‘pool guy’, and he created one of the biggest and most successful operations of its type when he started blogging about, for instance, what pools one should buy, and what problems pool buyers face. This is real life actual inbound marketing. Fortunately, Marcus also shares the theories, ideas and techniques behind his real life success in his blog called ‘The Sales Lion’. Marcus writes really informally, but he’s brilliantly informative. His story telling is second to none, and he has an excellent community on the blog that also benefits readers. Its seems to be a pre requisite of successful blogging, but Marcus is another ‘nice guy’. He’s straight down the line, helpful and genuine. And a great example of how someone has managed to turn real world experiences into a social media business.

As Marcus says ‘My stuff ain’t regurgitated guru-speak. I believe strongly in the power of personal experience and its ability to positively to affect others. The goal of this blog is to build a community of passionate individuals discussing inbound marketing, blogging, business, and life. So please make yourself at home.’

Check him out!

And finally, a new ‘find’ for me Dino Dogan. As a co-founder of Triberr I am sure he is not new to very many, but if you havent come across his blog, you have to get over there and see him. He says of himself (on his website) ‘I am a Strategic Marketing consultant, a speaker, and a Contributing Author to Engagement From Scratch, a collaborative effort which culminated in a book to bring the best-of-breed information about community building from such luminaries as Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark and Mitch Joel. By there way, there are a couple more people to follow there too! He goes on to describe himself as ‘also an avid motorcyclist, a lousy mixed martial artist and a failed musician.’

This gives you an indication of the sense of humour with which Dino writes, but not necessarily the fierce intelligence that shines through his work. As I mentioned, I’ve only just discovered him myself, but am finding it hard to ‘put him down’ as it were.

There you go, that should keep you busy over the weekend. I have to say in compiling this list I have realised just how many fantastic, funny, helpful and downright amazing bloggers that are out there that I read on a regular basis. I can feel another irregular feature coming on! So look out from me for more of my favourites.

In the meantime, let me know who I am missing? Leave a comment below, or email me on [email protected], or you can leave an update on the Facebook page, or even Tweet me!

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