A while ago I wrote a post detailing my favourite blogs and strongly suggested you check them out. Reading blogs is  really one of my guilty pleasures and I make time everyday to check out at least a couple.

In addition to the ones I mentioned last time, that I still read, here are my latest favourites.


DukeoDukeo – Stephane Kermer is his name and online or eCommerce is his game. This guy is a hard-core blogger. So knowledgeable about SEO / content / email marketing and everything to do with making money online. Note, it’s not a fluffy artistic site, and if you are offended by making money and talking about making money, stay away.

He has multiple sites, but this one is aimed at the blogger that wants to make a living out of doing the thing they love. This post from last week is a whopping 8000 words long, but covers EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about SEO.

Ste is professional, super switched on, and seems a nice guy too. Read and learn

Spin Sucks – At the other end of the scale is this offering from Gini Dietrich at Arment Dietrich. It’s a PR blog that strays into all sorts of related areas and is one of the single most entertaining reads of my week! Gini is very funny and extremely bright and completely focused on a content led operation. She always has interesting things to say. You won’t always agree, but that’s part of the draw here.spinsucks

She has a fabulously engaged community and you’ll learn as much from those guys and the guest posters as you will from her!

Quirky, talented, and fixated on ROI for her customers, a bit of a sore subject for most of her compatriots in the PR industry, she is pretty unique. She is on a mission to eliminate destructive spin.

The Jack B  – This is a really interesting site. Jack writes a lot and covers everything. He’ll mix fiction in with reflections on everything from social media to family. His writing, due I suspect to the frequency with which he publishes, can be a little patchy. He will sometimes be a little florid, and maybe a little pretentious? But at his best, like in the post ‘How to be a man’ He is excellent.thejackb

Moving, searingly honest and above all a great writer. You really feel like he leaves something of himself on the page. I sometimes don’t get where he is coming from, but I always read his stuff.

Writing about the crucially important but minor happenings of a life, he can be mesmerising. Highly recommended.

Shelly Kramer – Shelly is another great content marketer. She runs a marketing company called V3 Integrated Marketing in Kansas City. Shelly is the founder and ‘Chief Imagination Officer’! Shelly’s site says

V3integrated‘A 20+ year marketing veteran, she’s a strategist, brand builder, deep thinker, information junkie, communicator extraordinaire, buzz builder and lover of all things related to digital marketing and social media’

I’m sure that is true, but she is also a natural teacher. I have learned loads from her blog and it’s another regular read for me. I’ve featured her blog before, but I think it’s that good it should be mentioned again!

Seth Godin – There’s not much that can be said about Seth other than that he is a marketing genius. But this is aimed at people who maybe haven’t read or seen or heard his stuff. They are out there!sethgodin

New York Times multiple best-selling author of amazing books like ‘Purple Cow‘ and ‘We are all Weird’ and author of a daily blog that is simply brilliant.

Pithy, inspired and inspiring, there is always a masterpiece of short blog writing to be had. I defy you not to get sucked into Seth’s world after reading a few of his pieces!arguably the person the internet was waiting for to drive to marketing super stardom. He still eschews some of the modern trappings like a twitter account, but his daily blog posts are awesome. A must read if you are into marketing in any way at all.

So there we go. Another 5 amazing blogs for your delectation! Please enjoy and share these people and their writing.

And let me know who I am missing? Leave a comment below with a link and I’ll check your favourites out in return. Or you can email me on [email protected]

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  1. TheJackB
    TheJackB says:

    Hi Tony,
    Thank you for including me. I really appreciate it and hope that you continue to enjoy my blog. Hope you are having a great day and again, I am honored by the inclusion.

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Hi Jack! I am embarrassed to say that this comment had been inadvertently held in my spam queue all this time, so apologies for that!
      I love your blog and will no doubt keep reading!
      And thanks for stopping by here to leave a comment

  2. MalharBarai
    MalharBarai says:

    Including the above, the few of them I follow are from Brian Solis, Pam Moore, Darren Rowse (Problogger) and Stanford Smith (PushingSocial). Great content from them!

  3. ginidietrich
    ginidietrich says:

    Tony, thank you! My cheeks are a little red from the nice things you said. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like you’ve taken a page from my own Google Reader as I read all of these, as well. I agree with Malhar’s recommendations, too. And also consider Mitch Joel, Mark Schaefer, Danny Brown, Marcus Sheridan, Clay Shirky (who I read because I NEVER agree), Alan Wolk, Erika Napoletano, Valeria Maltoni…crap, I’m going to name the entire blogosphere. Thank you for the very nice mention.

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