Mark Schaefers New Book

In a little over an hour last night, a special thing started to happen. After a brief conversation between me and @markwschaefer, author of The Tao of Twitter and most recently, his new book, Return On Influence, twitter started to flicker with an idea. A special idea for Wales.

The idea was to put on a social media conference for Wales (the Social Media Conference for Wales SMCW?), starring the man of the moment, Mark Schaefer, to talk about some of the amazing ideas in his new book. What makes this particularly interesting for me, is the theme of the book, that of online influence. I don’t think what has started to happen, would have happened without the influence of my friend Mark, but happen it has.

One tweet between me and Mark, and a few RT’s and suddenly people are taking notice. An idea has started to spread. Thats it, that’s all it took. Mark talks about the concept of auto response in ROI and it seemed as if it was right there happening in front of my eyes. People, given the involvement of a celebrated author, tweeter and recognised social media expert, as well as the endorsement of me, my radio station, and clearly the others that started to volunteer themselves, mean that acceptance was immediate. No debate, no questions, just a ‘Lets do it!’ attitude.

Some great people immediately got involved: Nick Smith (@closeupmedia) was first suggesting help, Sarah Bruton (@CAPTIVASPA) next, then followed @Swanseajackgirl Julie Kissick from Glamorgan university, @Nick_miles of Neon Events, @Careercaketv‘s Aimee Bateman, and internet guru’s in their own right Joel Hughes (@Jojet) and Russell Britton (@Brandnatter)  also jumped in, feet first!

I’m pretty sure that the brilliant Pippa Davies (@mrsmoti) will also get involved with her WordPress cohort too.

So what I am thinking, but clearly this is a collaborative effort, is an event supported by the Radio station (Real Radio for those that don’t know) at a premier location, I think most likely the Celtic Manor Resort?

It will be free to the businesses of Wales to come along and take part, and we’ll be attempting to help them, and teach them to use social media to build their business. Thats it. Simple!

But we need ideas. We need sponsors! I can handle some of it as a radio station, but we’ll need to pay to get Mark over (he’s not a charity!) and I’m sure there will be other things that will need to be paid for.

I thinking (again) a blog workshop, experts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,LinkedIn, Digg, Stumble Upon, and so on, helping people to understand the strategies and maybe the technical elements of social media. And may even people from the tech world demonstrating new gadgets and what have you. Maybe we’ll even get some more traditional media interest.

And maybe, just maybe, a keynote talk by Mr Mark Schaefer himself?

What we will definitely need though, is your input. Leave your suggestions in the box below or contact me directly (@radiojaja) or [email protected],uk

And spread the word! Blog about this, reblog it, post it, tweet it, and everything else ‘it’. Lets make this happen for ourselves, and for all of Wales!

  1. Jon Bennett
    Jon Bennett says:

    This is Brillant. We’ll do what we can at Yolk to help out / promote it. Looks like a fab lineup and something Wales could really do with.

  2. Neil Cocker
    Neil Cocker says:

    Good work, Tony. We need a JFDI attitude in Wales.

    Think this could be a really positive thing if put together well. It’ll live and die by the quality and relevance of speakers. Too many snakeoil salesmen out there. But it looks like you’ve got a good bunch assembled so far.

    Although it’s not what I do for a living, and I don’t consider myself an expert, I’ve taught organisations all over europe about social media, and consult for WG etc on creative enterprise and other bits and pieces, so give me a shout if I can be of any help.

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Hey Mark! Amazing! Thanks for your support already, and grateful for anything your able to do.
      I’ll be in touch re some details to see what can be done

  3. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Hi Tony – great stuff! This is going to need some hard graft time to make it happen – how can I help?

    As you might guess I am really interested in the implications of social media as a communication tool and its place in terms of authentic leadership and then we have all the management issues of purpose, target markets, behaviour, corporate messages versus individual messages, brand protection and strengthening, building corporate relationships and individual relationships, management of boundaries, judgement in terms of knowing what not to post / tweet – all fascinating issues in the world of leadership and management ……..

    I will definitely encourage participation and support from @LeadersinWales and @CMICymru – but am offering some personal time and energy (and maybe a few skills?) to actually assist in helping make it happen.

    Questions: Does Mark have to fly over? could we do a video link? is it all in one venue? different venues? video links? is it 100% virtual? What an opportunity to be creative and innovative!

  4. Tony Dowling
    Tony Dowling says:

    Barbara, you’re amazing! thanks so much for the offer of help
    No, he doesn’t, I did think of a video link, but I think a personal appearance would be all the better! One venue, I think the Celtic Manor, but there are a number of ideas floating around right now.
    I’ll be setting up a meeting soon for a sort of steering committee, glad to be able to count you in!

  5. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Hi Tony, keen to get involved in any way to help. Perhaps a shopping list of skill sets or experience you are looking for to support you going forward. Lindsay from

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Do you know what Lindsay, thats a really good idea! I think I’ll do that – keep reading here and I’ll post stuff as we go. ANd thanks for the offer of help too, much appreciated!