Mark Schaefer

There has been a huge amount of excitement since the announcement that author and social media giant Mark Schaefer is to deliver the keynote at the social media conference for Wales, that I, with the amazing input of all of you, are putting on 20th September at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.

Last year Mark exploded onto the scene with the fantastically received ‘Tao of Twitter‘ voted Social Media book of the year in B2B magazines poll. He has recently released his latest work, Return on Influence, The revolutionary power of Klout, social scoring and Influence marketing to massive acclaim, the book claiming the No 1 spot on Amazon’s marketing section last week.

I have been speaking to Mark about his talk, and I am extremely excited at he prospect of seeing him do his thing. And so is he, blogging about our conference just today over his {Grow} blog, on his latest post ‘This is why you must use Twitter‘.

And today I can confirm the next guest to speak at the event, Mr. James Cridland. James describes himself as a radio futurologist, a consultant, writer and public speaker. I first met James a couple of years ago when he did an amazing talk on what the media landscape will look like in the coming 5 years (and he was spot on too!)

I’ve asked James to talk to us about social media and the riots from last Summer, the mainstream media’s use of social media, the veracity of tweets (which is clearly very pertinent) and the importance of Google plus, which is probably a conversation all of its own!

James regularly speaks all over Europe, in the USA and Canada, and is very keen to join us, having blown off the chance to visit Dallas to come along to see us in September. He has worked for organisations as diverse as Virgin Radio, Audioboo and the BBC. His current day job is as MD of Media UK, the free independent media directory.

There are a number of other exciting developments I can’t wait to share with you all, but will have to wait on confirmations before doing so.

In the meantime, please keep talking to me. I am trying to fit as much of what I am being told into the day, but there still loads of room to accommodate what people really need from this conference.

Leave me a comment below, or find me on Twitter @radiojaja 

As soon as I know more, you’ll be the first people to find out!

  1. jameslramsay
    jameslramsay says:

    Keep up the energy Tony – when you need assistance just call out – Im sure many of us are ready to step up and join the tribe and back you

    Best wishes for a successful event!


  2. Yolk Recruitment
    Yolk Recruitment says:

    This is shaping really nicely – probably calling it a social media conference just for Wales is maybe selling it a bit short, I think most people across the UK would pay to listen to Mark and James.

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Youre most likely correct! But isnt it nice to make it ‘ours’? Chances are when I finally get a name / brand sorted, we’ll drop the Wales bit anyway – what do you think?

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Tell you what Claire, just had the first meeting of the ‘brains’ trust, a few people I managed to get together. Its going to be awesome, we have some fantastic ideas! Stay tuned, I’ll try and blog it tonight

  3. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Sounds great addition – bringing us into areas of why we communicate (in this case to let others know i.e. to inform) and then having been informed their actions (behaviours) are being driven by values (e.g. “its OK to head out and grab something for free” or “it is not OK to head out and get something for free” – most people took that choice of behaviour to stay out of the riots) ………….. core leadership issues Tony!!