This is a great post from a new site to me, Social media revolver. It’s an excellent unbiased appraisal of the two social media giants and a worthwhile read. Author Brad Shorr writes clearly and concisely but packs a load into this article.

SPOILER! Brad actually argues that the new kid on the block Google+ is the winner and he makes a really good case for it too. I’m not so sure that the enormous reach of Facebook is going to be easily overtaken, especially considering that the majority of people have their whole social lives on the platform, but it does seem that each of the big guys are starting to differentiate and carve about specific niches for themselves.

Facebook seems to be friends and family as I mentioned, LinkedIn obviously for business, Google+ seems to be suited to those more er, technically inclined and so on.

Microblogging also seems to be establishing itself as a medium in itself. Obviously dominated by Twitter there are many other alternatives popping up all over.

Anyway, it’s a great article, enjoy, and as ever, please let me know what you think. Tweet me here. Or leave a comment below.