Doing what good bloggers do, Shona Reed came to my attention by posting a comment on my ‘Big Idea’ page. Lesson one, share the love in the blogosphere and you’ll get noticed! You’ll no doubt drive traffic to your own site as people follow your genuine and thoughtful comment on their site back to yours. As was the case with Shona’s blog A Creative Read.

But when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised. Shona’s work is excellent. Short and to the point and regularly featuring an embedded video, Shona comments on the latest thing in Australian marketing.

Its intelligent, insightful and like all good blogs, entertaining – get over there and check it out.

One criticism of the site though is the sharing buttons don’t seem to work. I’m sure its a temporary glitch, so don’t let that hold you back from enjoying!

Meanwhile, I’m sharing a terrific campaign I’ve seen on Shona’s site for Virgin Mobile in Oz that is just genius.

In this campaign, everyone gets a ‘fair go’ (the name of a new phone tariff) and here the second most famous Pitt brother gets his first celebrity endorsement! Enjoy


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