What Are You Waiting For?

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The opportunity you have IS the opportunity, stop waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Every day I listen to people who just need a final piece of the puzzle to drop before they can kick on. People waiting for the ducks to be…

Put YOUR Profit First

Its amazed me over the years at just how many people I met in business who didn't take a living wage or even a profit distribution from their own business. Now of course, given I run a running a small (coaching) business myself, I can see exactly…
The Profit first book

What Exactly is a Profit First Professional?

I know what you're thinking.. What the hell is a Profit First Professional? What the hell is he on about now!? Has he joined a cult? Well, short answer: I kind of have! The Profit First 'cult'. Don't worry, it's not really a cult, though the…

How To Manage Your Sales Turnaround

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Sales Turnaround. Taking your sales revenues from weak to strong. I've heard lots of excuses as to why businesses fail. From the economy, stupid, to lack of R and D, shortages of people or funding, a businesses location, no advertising budget,…
Work related things

8 things I've Learned In 1 Year In Business

I'm pleased to say I've made it to my one year anniversary as a Limited Company. Novo Swansea Ltd. Trading as Novo Consultancy, has made it through that 'first difficult year'. Novo means to begin anew, or to refresh, and I was intending to…
GDPR logo

GDPR Training Courses

I've come across this supplier of training for GDPR courses. Its an important step in the compliance journey as it can help you raise awareness of whats needed within your organisation, and help you plan your approach to compliance for yourself…
Digital transformation trends for 2018

Top Ten Digital Transformation Trends for 2018

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  Love this article featured in Forbes recently. Well worth a read, though the infographic featured there is great too!
Infographic on GDPR

GDPR: I can help!

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I've managed to build up a decent knowledge base on this GDPR stuff. The General Data Protection Regulation as its more formally known. I've been through the details, looked over the reports, read the white papers and started to make sense of…
GDPR: Make your data compliant in three easy steps

Is your marketing data GDPR compliant?

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GDPR means making sure that the email databases you are using and the marketing data you have collected over the years is all compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations from May 2018. Novo Consultancy can help you quickly and…
Juli Brinksman pictured 'flipping off' the President of the USA's motorcade

Personal AND Professional Profile? You're Kidding Yourself...

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I'm still meeting lots of people who think that they have two profiles on Social Media. It usually goes something like this: 'I use LinkedIn for my professional network, and then Facebook for my friends and family'. Sometimes it goes further:'I…