Here’s another question from the ‘Completely Free Sales Advice’ community. It’s from Gary Owen, who asks:

‘I am thinking of starting a fortnightly web video called “The Short Marketing Show” which will consist of gem`s of marketing just three minutes shows. Tony I would like your view on this idea and what could I add to ensure high viewing rates?’
I love your idea Gary! It benefits from having had some genuine success that you can case study too, so its got loads of potential I think.
Step One
The first step is to build yourself a targeted list of followers or subscribers. This means having the ability to reach out to a ‘critical mass’ of people who you can leverage to generate traffic or even revenue. Some experts (Mark Schaefer for instance) think good things happen once you have gained 200 twitter followers, and I can certainly attest to this.
The most important elements of this ‘followers list’ is that they are targeted followers and real people. And its essential that you manage to have as personal a relationship with each of them as possible. This is not easy to do, but its really important if you are to stand out as a genuine provider of quality content, rather than just another spammer.
Spend time ‘cleaning’ your list, especially as it grows. The bigger your following is, the more you get ‘found’ when people are searching for instance, and the more it grows. It’s easy to pick up automated followers that are only interested in selling their own stuff. Make sure your community is relevant and interested in what you have to say.
This process can take as little as an hour a day at first depending on how dedicated you are. But have patience and build over time. Finding people who follow others of a similar ilk to yourself is a good idea, as is checking out the followers of leaders in the ‘industry’ you will be tweeting about. For instance, if you are writing about social media or ‘Tech’ stuff, you could follow the followers of the website ‘Mashable‘. This works as its ‘traditional’ on Twitter at least, that when you follow someone, they’ll follow you back.
Step Two
Killer content! In order to survive, much less thrive in the ‘on line space’, your content will need to be RED HOT! it needn’t be the highest quality in terms of its production values, but it does need to tell me something that I really have to know. Or it needs to be presented in such a charismatic style that I can’t stop watching!
Clearly, this is where pure talent and ability comes into the equation. If you have it, amazing! if not, then the idea isn’t going to float, no matter what you do to build followers. The competition online is brutal, and if you’re not good enough, you’ll be dead in days.
Knowing a little about ‘our’ Gary’s background as I do, we can assume he can produce this red-hot, or what is often called ‘liquid content’, and if he can reach out to this targeted audience, he’ll be more than half way there. ‘Liquid content’ is content that ‘spills’ everywhere. Its gets posted to Facebook by its originator for instance, and everyone shares it to their own networks, and then people share it further on down the line. And so on. The essence of so-called ‘viral’ marketing.
But ask yourself, how many times have you clicked ‘share’ or ‘tweet’? And what were the reasons? It would have been really high quality or the enjoyment value would have been really high, no? If you not making content like this, don’t kid yourself, it’s not going to happen.
Making money! 
I would ask you Gary, how are you intending to monetise this project, if at all? Are you expecting people to pay to view the videos? Some sort of subscription? Or a pay per view model? If so, this is a very difficult way to make money (check out the newspaper industry that still hasn’t managed to make any real money from selling on-line content)
However, if you view this ‘video blog’ as a means to an end, you may find greater success. If you build your ‘personal brand’ through the leveraging of your personal followers, and the supply of ‘red hot’ marketing video blogs, you may very well be able to set yourself up to charge for other associated services.
You could sell e books from your website for instance. Sponsorship of the video blog may be a possibility. Or even maybe selling your services as a consultant or public speaker all of which would be driven by the ‘interest’ generated by your ever-growing ‘video blog’.
A perfect example
This approach is more fully explained in Gary Vanyerchuks book ‘crush it!‘ which is about Gary’s personal journey to success. Incidentally, that journey started with his own hugely successful video blog now know as ‘The daily grape‘. In the book he explains how to start and build your video blog and how to promote and monetise it. In essence the advice is as in this article, but in Gary’s own inimitable style. Its well worth a read, or you can get much the same information from the videos on his website too.
Thats about it for starters Gary, I hope that has helped? If anyone else has any ideas, feel free to join in the conversation by leaving a comment below, or a comment on the ‘Completely Free Sales Advice’ Facebook page, which you can ‘like’ right from this blog.
And by the way, you’ll find our hero Gary here.
  1. Gary Owen
    Gary Owen says:

    Thank you for your kind works Tony First show in three weeks, backing music has been made for me by a friend I will hire a small room in a church to film as very quiet. will send a link when first show complete.

    Gary Owen