Profit first the survival trap

7 Steps to Profitability

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Let’s start with a question. What is profitability? In the simplest terms, it’s the number you ‘get to’ after all your sales have been counted up, and all the expenses subtracted at the end of your financial year. But that doesn’t…

How To Make Your Start Up Profitable From Day 1!

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Ohe one thing that kills more businesses in their first 5 years than anything else is lack of cash. Not so much the profitability of the business, or how much money is ‘made’. Its cash flow. Lack of cash leads to you not paying yourself,…

What Are You Waiting For?

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The opportunity you have IS the opportunity, stop waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Every day I listen to people who just need a final piece of the puzzle to drop before they can kick on. People waiting for the ducks to be…

Put YOUR Profit First

Its amazed me over the years at just how many people I met in business who didn't take a living wage or even a profit distribution from their own business. Now of course, given I run a running a small (coaching) business myself, I can see exactly…
The Profit first book

What Exactly is a Profit First Professional?

I know what you're thinking.. What the hell is a Profit First Professional? What the hell is he on about now!? Has he joined a cult? Well, short answer: I kind of have! The Profit First 'cult'. Don't worry, it's not really a cult, though the…