Pics of us together in happier days

Its not you, its me..

I still love you. I’ll always love you. I’ve loved you since we first met all those years ago. Our eyes met over that crowed (even then) newsfeed, and nothing was the same ever again!

You were pretty and quirky and no one understood you like I did. We clicked immediately and began the torrid affair that’s lasted all this time. You were always there for me, whatever time of day or night, you entertained and educated me in equal measure. We went everywhere together, all over the world.

Through personal triumphs and local national and international news, elections, major sporting events or natural disasters, we’ve been enraptured with each other. We’ve been inseparable, we’ve celebrated and raged in equal measure. We grew together, but now I’m afraid we might be growing apart.

We’ll still have all our friends – though you insist on calling them followers! The Americans, The Irish, the Swiss, the Indians, the Canadians – friends from all over the world that we met at parties or just hanging around. Friends that I’ve been lucky enough to meet in real life on occasion, and because you’d brought us together, those friends I’d felt I’d known for ever.

I love how you have kept trying so hard to keep me interested. You new look is great! I still love finding someone or something I could never have ever hoped to discover before you came into my life.

And I know I don’t pay you enough attention. A quick flick through each morning has replaced the in depth conversations we used to have.

Instead of long nights burning the midnight oil together, lost in connections and talking and sharing, its now all I can do to make sure I’m not missing anything that appears in my ‘@’ feed.

I don’t take you out as much as I did. I used to love showing you off to my friends. Teaching them about how important you are to me, and how much you can offer them too. Nowadays, the familiarity has bred a sort of contempt. A sort of dismissive acknowledgment of how influential everyone (still) believes you are.

I still can’t shake you off completely, but its as much habit as desire isn’t it?

I had a number of the ‘Twitterarti’ RT my last post. I felt that familiar thrill! I’d connected once gain. we’d created something people loved, we’d sent the inter-webs spinning away and were reaching out to new and exciting people all over the world.

But something strange happened.

Its not very scientific, but I counted up all the followers of all the people that had shared that last post. The total came to around 140K. One hundred and forty thousand! Impressive – and I’m very grateful, as always.

But the impact on actual traffic to the blog was VERY little. Literally a few. Maybe 20 views.

A conversion ration of pretty much zero.

And I’ve noticed that in work, on our company websites, you don’t have the influence you once did. All my new visitors come to me through someone else these days. There. I’ve said it.

Facebook does more for me than you do. Professionally and personally.

But its not just that. I’m also a bit worried about the people you introduce me too these days. Everyone is selling something it seems. No one wants to ‘just’ interact like before.

You used to connect me to people that wanted to talk to me! They’d be interested in who I was and what I had to say for myself. Just as I was interested in them.

No they are just as likely to want to ‘sell’ me followers. That makes me sad, its tawdry and cheap, and your better than that.

I don’t want an automated DM, I want you to talk to me. I don’t want to download your book, or like your Facebook page. I just want to be friends… Like we used to be.

I sorry, maybe I’ve grown up or moved on. Or maybe you’ve changed and I’ve stayed the same. But it isn’t what it used to be. I don’t suppose it was ever going to stay the same for ever.

And it does make me sad. And I’ll keep trying.

But I think we might be over.



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  1. Paul C Robinson
    Paul C Robinson says:

    Ah. You see I never really got on with twitter. Sure, we chat over the water cooler and occasionally bump into each other in town, but we never made a date and actually intentionally went to hang out together. Its more like we are friends of friends.

  2. Cole Cornerr
    Cole Cornerr says:

    Lol I like it 😀 I’ll be sure to follow your blog & I’m looking forward to more! I blog about similar topics & if you could, can you let me know what you think of it? 😀

  3. Dave Gifford International
    Dave Gifford International says:

    Your writing has always been good, moved on to very good, and is now approaching exceptional.

  4. Ian Anderson Gray
    Ian Anderson Gray says:

    See you on Google+ then, Tony?! 😉

    Really great post, and I agree with a lot of what you say. Still, I don’t use Twitter in order to get click throughs to my article. I do it to connect with interesting people, have cool conversations and ask quick questions. In all seriousness I am finding Google+ is where I am able to have more meaningful longer conversations and get more traffic to my articles.

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Hi Ian! Interesting observation, thanks! Im not really ‘doing’ Twitter to drive traffic, Im afraid Ive rather neglected the blog lately too 🙂 Its just I feel like Ive noticed it changing I guess? I really like Google+ it looks brilliant, and has some great features. I just cant seem to get a head of steam up on it though? Maybe my personal bandwidth needs tweaking 🙂
      thanks for stopping by! Great to hear from you!

  5. dynamixamy
    dynamixamy says:

    Genius. But I reckon you two will get back together following a brief spell apart. Twitter is just too beguiling to forsake.
    Twitter and I are busy renewing our vows to each other thanks to your inspiration about the’Tao of Twitter’.

  6. konrad985
    konrad985 says:

    You’ll be good guys. At the end of the day true love wins it all. Marketers ruin everything, or should I say: Twitterers ruin everything. It’s not Twitter’s fault, people use it for a wrong reasons. But there’s still hope thanks to people like you, me and couple of others. Instead of splitting up make that bond even stronger!

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