Later, she closed a deal for $1M

In my experience? Yes.

On balance, all things considered, Women, generally, make for better sales people than Men. That is not to say that they definitely are of course, it just means that I have found that to be the case for the 20 odd years or so I have been a professional salesperson and sales manager. Heres why:

1) Women are more focussed on the clients brief and requirements, and can see things from a wider perspective than their own agenda.

2) Women work harder.

3) Women have a broader set of skills when it comes to selling. Opening, closing, and everything in between.

4) Women are better and more consistent record keepers, allowing for better market intelligence.

5) I can read Women’s handwriting. (Less important these days for sure, but still!)

6) Women have higher levels of emotional intelligence making them more tolerant of difficult clients and colleagues.

7) Women are more likely to ask for help when its needed, to get the extra upweight or increase a rate.

8) Women act more professionally than men, its not about them, its all just part of the game.

9) Women get it done, no messing around, and get on with the next thing.

10) Women are more motivated by money and less likely to sit in a comfort zone for their entire career.

So there you go. Just opinion, and it doesnt apply to all the women I’ve worked with and some men are right up there too. But generally, Women have been the better sellers.

Here’s three additional points to consider. Women coming back of maternity leave are usually even more ‘get it done’ then ever. Women have also been the highest maintenance to manage on occasion. And the outright best, as in highest billing sales people I’ve worked with have been Men.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments or Tweet me here on @radiojaja. I’d love to hear your perspective.

  1. David James
    David James says:

    Well Well Tony………you really have pushed the envelope with this thread. I think it would be a bit rude to just reply with a ‘complete bo****ks’, but you get the jist of my feeling on this one. your bubble has burst…..I need to find a new sales guru 🙁

  2. Lianne Dupré
    Lianne Dupré says:

    Hi Tony

    Well I am very surprised by this blog too. Whilst I wouldn’t say it was complete b******s, I do feel that it is a massive generalisation. I am all for supporting my fellow gender, but surely a ‘good’ anything comes down to personality, skills, determination, aptitude, application etc.

    Many women do possess incredible skills that make them brilliant sales people and employees, but lets be honest so do many men.

    Whilst a small part of me did a little ‘whoop’ for being a female when I read points 2 and 8, I cannot hand on heart say they are true statements.

    As for 10, and women being more motivated by money, I truly think this is complete and utter rubbish. In my experience, women are far more motivated by being placed in a working environment where they achieve a good work life balance and feel rewarded and treated as equals in every way – not just financial!

    Very brave post though Tony!!

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Hi Lianne, while a little hurt at having 10. decribed as complete and utter rubbish (!), I agree I could have worded that a bit better! Thats not really the point I was trying to make there. In the interest of transparency, Ill leave it as it is tho…

  3. Tony Dowling
    Tony Dowling says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I’d agree that the article is a generalisation, and as Ive said elsewhere in the blog, there are clear areas where gender simply doesnt come into it.
    Further there are no gender specific traits Ive come across that mean women are better than men or men are better than women.
    However, my experience has been, for the above reasons, that women have been better on average, and across the board. (In my industry I should add – which is granted, not a particularly representative sample I grant you :))
    David, I feel bad I’ve let you down! But thanks for taking the time to comment anyway.
    Lianne, your application of pure logic has defeated me, and I agree with your assessment of the characteristics required of personality and skills, determination etc. and as I said here, those arent gender specific at all.
    However, I am not really in the business of stating truth, or fact, this is merely an opinion piece.
    It may very well be the case that some other characteristic has been common to the people I have based this on. Perhaps they have all been the middle child? 😉
    But in terms of my experience over the years, this is the ‘generalisation’ I have come to.
    Sorry, my intention isnt to offend!

  4. Mia McCarthy-Brewer
    Mia McCarthy-Brewer says:

    As one of the many female members of Tony’s sales team, I was of course thrilled to read this blog. Yes it is a generalisation, and there are many male successes that have out weighed those of the female team memebers. However I believe there are definate points raised that will tend to be more typical of a female. For example in the last 5 years as part of this team I can identify where point 1 has lead to success for females, and also to failure where a man may not have been as focussed on these points. I am sure my male colleagues will give a strong counter argument to this too.
    I agree we are higher maintenance, but worth it !
    Great opinion and great blog 🙂

  5. David James
    David James says:

    The penny drops. I didn’t realise it was focused purely on selling advertising. I guess if you remove a complex long term professional sales process and replace it with a quick win one off sell, then a bit of eye candy can play a huge roll…!! 😉

  6. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    I’m sure you knew this would meet with a lot of cynicism, so well done for having the ‘b******s’ to write the article!

    Equally I know you’ll appreciate there are good and bad sales people from both sides of the fence – but in principle I agree. I’m also going to add, just as controversially, that if you’re an attractive female a wee bit of professional flirting never did any harm either!

  7. Tony Dowling
    Tony Dowling says:

    Hi Lyndsay! Welcome to the blog. Thanks for the balanced comment too. As far as what you’ve said about attractive sales people, I guess you play the hand your dealt! 🙂

  8. Mary
    Mary says:

    Well done Tony. You included a disclaimer at the beginning of the article so this to me is just a great conversation starter. The jury is still out but I respect your view.

  9. Edit Lepine
    Edit Lepine says:

    I actually agree with most of the views expressed in your article. As a former sales professional with over 12 years of experience selling in some of the most competitive industries I encountered many good and bad sales people. While I do not like to generalize, in this instance it is necessary. My experience confirms that in general (again, in general) women tend to listen better, be more focused on driving results, have more perseverance and empathy and tend to work harder to achieve their goals. Yes, I have met plenty of poor performing female representatives throughout my career, but many of the ones I consider best of the best (and that consideration was based on careful identification of their superior qualities) happen to be female as well. As a sales coach, I also noticed that women in sales tend to be more prompt to explore new ways to improve and less willing to accept being average.

  10. David AuCoin
    David AuCoin says:

    the problem with one sided prejudice male bashing blogs like the blog above is that they don’t help society as a whole but to the contray only serve to lower males self esteem while inflating female egoes.

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