If you’re a regular to this blog, or attended the Oiconf (Online Influence Conference) in Cardiff a few weeks back, you’ll know how popular the little event that started so humbly has become.

Even in the ashes of the wash up, and despite the tough end to this years event that we experience inside the ropes, the positive feedback and support has been tremendous.

It even makes the trials and tribulations we went through to bring you Oiconf all worthwhile!

One of the sponsors this year was a new company called Blurrt. In very simple terms they provide business (and any one else I guess) with so called ‘sentiment analysis’. This is an estimation of how Twitter (in this case) and social media in general FEEL about you, or your brand.

As part of our deal they have provided me with an overview of all the Oiconf related Twitter activity on the day of the conference itself.

Obviously this is a little more sophisticated than basic ‘listening’ for mentions of your brand, and for the first time, thanks to this real world example in use, I can really see the benefits.

Lets take a look at the tweets on the day first of all, and what the topic of the tweets were

Oiconf Wordcloud

Oiconf Wordcloud

What fantastic testament to the popularity of our key note speaker – Mark Schaefer!

Interestingly, both the other guys good enough to provide the ‘edutainment’ for the day, Pippa Davies (@MindHiver) and Ian Cleary, were tweeted about in equal measure it seems.

And it’s so gratifying to see words like ‘great’ ‘good’ ‘amazing’ and ‘creative’ pop up with such power! Exactly the sort of words you’d hope would be used!

In fact, it’s the actual ‘sentiment’ that proved to be the biggest, and most humbling element to all of this. Out of 3240 tweets on the day, NOT ONE was negative. Wow…

Sentiment analysis by Blurrt

Sentiment analysis by Blurrt

Incredible. I can’t tell you how… excited I was by this revelation! I knew it had gone well, and as mentioned, the outpouring of support immediately after was fantastic. But this is something else!

Thank you EVERYONE that came along – I am so glad you enjoyed it!

A couple of other insights before I go. The majority of tweets were from personal Twitter accounts meaning that people tweeted as themselves, not from a work perspective  This is again, what I would hope for, as Oiconf is aimed at people, not businesses.

And one strange one – way more men than women tweeted DURING the conference, which was exactly the opposite case to BEFORE the conference. In the lead up to the event and immediately prior, more women than men were tweeting.

Anyone got any ideas why that might be?

Gender analysis by Blurrt

Gender analysis by Blurrt

Its pretty clear that people are overwhelmingly positive about this event, and I am so pleased to find that is the case.

Do you know what? There might be life in this old dog yet!

You can see the whole report in full as a PDF here: Oi Conf Sentiment Report

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  1. Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson says:

    I am not surprised by the Blurrt findings as to how we felt during Oi Conference. It was a very human day. A very realistic, innovative and amazingly intimate day, and above all it was a warm day in the sense that we were not lectured we were advised, quite tenderley at times, and at others rather robustly !! But the delivery was warm and friendly and, well, almost family-like in its treatment of the room and those eager to learn, and to share, their experiences of the new Social Media prominence. I learnt loads. I really did. Ive downloaded all Mark’s books, and I paid for them ! I have waited in anticipation for Ian’s latest COMPLETELY FREE tips on Social Media, my favourite email of the week, and stolen a couple of Pippa’s jokes ! Most importantly ive started to put the learning into practice here in my new role at http://www.promove.uk.com and what better testament to the success of the day, and yes to the sentiment expressed, than a very small company treading gently into the bubbling waters of Social Media than starting to move content !! I told Mark as he was leaving he’d inspired me to Blog…..well he has and my first one went up on our site today…..a little too long, but i get it, more pruning needed, however its a start and Tony I for one am sorry you had to take a bath to help us but im rather glad your a clean living guy and we owe you. Did I mention that Blog at http://www.promove.uk.com ? @a2bwithdignity please RT !!

  2. Tony Dowling
    Tony Dowling says:

    Thanks Mark! As a conference go-er I particularly appreciate your perspective and feedback 🙂
    And I am SO glad you have been inspired to join in the old blogging game! You’ll find it tremendously beneficial to you personally, and for the business
    What was that link again? 😉

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