Infographic on GDPR

I’ve managed to build up a decent knowledge base on this GDPR stuff. The General Data Protection Regulation as its more formally known. I’ve been through the details, looked over the reports, read the white papers and started to make sense of it all. It’s complicated, but the good news is, a few simple steps with the right help and you’ll be well on your way to compliance.

It costs a bit of money to get the experts in, and the danger is, all you’ll get is some very dry legal perspective of what it all means. So I’ve been working with some select partners and have come up a simple system that I’m now taking to market. Request a demo and free consultancy here.

I think its simple to understand, transparent in it’s approach and cost effective. And uniquely (at least right now) I can supply ongoing support for your permissions management too. It’s really important to get your data in order and make sure you are safe to continue to deal with the people you are dealing with. Conducting a GDPR review like this will:

  1. Ensure your lists are up to date and clean.
  2. Increase the efficiency of your campaigns (open rates and click throughs)
  3. Ensure on going GDPR compliance.

Here is a lovely little infographic I built on the marvellous site Canva to show you what to do. But better still, email me and I’ll contact you to talk you through it for free.

Infographic on GDPR

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