I love the idea of ‘Content Shock’ as Mark Schaefer describes it. Basically the idea that as the amount of content that is produced continues to expand, our attention spans stay at the same level.

Our ability to consume content remains unchanged while the amount of content being produced ramps up and up with seemingly no end in sight. In the article linked, Mark describes how the average American spends 10 hours per day consuming content already, yet by 2020 the internet as it exists today is estimated to be around 600% larger!

In terms of advertising it means its harder than ever to ‘cut through’ – to get your message in front of your audience, and to get them to pay any sort of attention to it. Today, broadcasting to people in the old fashioned manner of ad campaigns of yester year isn’t enough. Interrupting them as they go about their day is just likely to get you ignored, rather than get your message consumed.

Thats why I keep an eye out for entertaining advertising to share with you dear reader! I’m on a mission to end boring ads for ever, or at least some of them. So you’ll have seen posts like this one about brilliant prints ads, or this one about why advertising should be thought of as content marketing too.

And in the spirit of entertaining adverts I thought I’d share this series of animated adverts featuring cute creatures for bus company De Lijn by a Belgian creative agency called creative collective.

What do you think? Great isn’t it?

What examples of entertaining ads can you share in the comments? Maybe we can get another post together with a few more!



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