I have always taken pride in my sales career. Pride in myself as a sales person, and the products I’ve sold to my clients over the years. So it’s always been a real bugbear of mine that there is so much ‘really bad sales advice’ out there. And even worse, really bad sales training.

I get the BIGGEST kick out of sales people I train telling me they love what I have to say, and the fact they feel I am encouraging them to be themselves as sellers! Its such a sad state of affairs, that given it’s so hard to get people to take sales seriously as a career in the first place, when people finally start to get somewhere, they are put off by ‘rubbish’ training!

Everything I commit to this blog, everything I say, is based on experience in the field. I am not a ‘sales trainer’ or ‘guru’ or ‘expert’ that hasn’t actually been out there and done it! I am a working salesman right now, today. I have sold media (predominately) and managed field sales teams for over 20 years to date, and still do it right now, for a major multinational media company and in some of the toughest marketplaces in the UK

Everything I share onthis blog is aimed at improving the quality of selling, and sales people themselves. I have no other agenda. I’m not selling this stuff, it’s free.  I’m not writing a book. not yet anyway! and if I do you’ll be the first person to know. This is an experiment. I want to see if I can write it, and get anyone to read it. Part two, is trying to understand if the people who actually read it, get anything out of it!

so that’s the mission! I’ll try to answer any sensible questions on here as quickly as possible, and as honestly as possible! The information here is my own, and it’s my own opinions I’m sharing. Nothing here is meant to reflect the position of or on, any of my employers!

so, i hope you find the blog, useful, interesting, and in some way worth your time reading it, and if you do (or if you don’t) please feel free to tell me! (But keep it polite please!)