Tonys tip for GDPR in social media

Here is a great article I was asked to contribute to.

7 Tips from Digital Marketers: How to adapt to changing social media behaviour post GDPR. – from the Social Tribe Website.

I suspect that GDPR will increasingly move into the marketing sphere as practitioners understand how it impacts them, but also what opportunities it offers too. I think that a focus on data governance has been missing from the marketing approach for some time.

Evidence is there to see in the pre GDPR activity of buying large data bases. The dreams of hyper target marketing data bases went up in flames as people started to appreciate the drawbacks of this type of approach, (lack of ‘response’) and reverted to the old fashioned scatter shot approach, but using new technology like email. All we got was even more marketing that was un targeted and un wanted, resulting in the calls for regulation like the GDPR in the first place.

Now, the responsible marketer will comply with GDPR, and the new Data Protection Act of 2018 and even the ePrivacy legislation due anytime. Not only that, but they will build relationships with their customer bases and ensure that all the weeds are removed from the environment. That means email address that bounce back or people who genuinely unsubscribe will get excised rather than lumped back in for the next mass e-shot.

This means that audiences will become more familiar to the people targeting them, and like the traditional media of radio and newspapers they will become more targeted in their approach, and more sensitive to what their audiences what. At least I hope so!

As focus on this area grows, and consumers understand their enhanced rights more readily, I really hope we will begin to see better, more engaging, and ultimately more relevant marketing.

On the other hand, we may just see even more innovation methods used to wiggle out of the responsibilities and just start to drown in a new sea of crap. Which do you think it will be?