I thought I was strong, I’m not.

I have my family to protect me.

I thought I could do it alone, I can’t.

I’ve learned to reach out and ask for help. 

I thought, I was clever, but as that lady in Game of Thrones says, I know nothing.

I want to always be learning, and to never consider I know it all.

I thought I was healthy. My mind and body are in poor shape.

I drive myself too hard. 

I thought I’d be a good Dad, but I spend too much time away from my kids.

I’m trying to give them what I never had. 

I thought I’d be there for them, but I’m always working.

I’m blessed, I love my job. 

I thought I was patient, but I’m short, and snappy.

I need to get more sleep!

I thought I was kind and generous, but I’m afraid for myself.

I must overcome. 

I thought it would be easy, but life is hard.

I have to be kind to myself. 

I thought I’d have won by now, but I can’t see when the battle will be over.

I must remember it’s about ‘the taking part’. 

I thought I was brave, but I’m scared, a lot of the time.

I finally have learned, I can’t do this without the people I love, and who love me back. 




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  1. Lianne Weaver
    Lianne Weaver says:

    Beautiful post Tony, reflective of the inner dialogue we all have. How blessed you are to have the love and support of others. I’ve been really touched lately by how many males I meet through my work who feel as if they have nobody at all to confide in or support them, so your gratitude for that support is powerful.

  2. Andrea Morgan
    Andrea Morgan says:

    A very honest post Tony, thank you for being brave and open to share how you feel It really touched me.

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