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It’s been a while: A fantastic if obscure song by a band called Staind from 2001 yes, but also true of my blog! While I’ve been hanging around in the background and answering comments and generally tidying up around the place, I’ve not written much for a good long while.

This is because my latest job is in London, working in what we describe as a traditional media / digital start up hybrid. It’s a company called TeamRock and we are transforming world renowned, fantastic heritage rock brands like Classic Rock Magazine and Metal Hammer Magazine into a digital business with genuine global aspirations.

In other words, I’m running what will become the worlds number 1 Rock and Metal website called

Which means two things. One, I’m consumed by learning all about the new world I’ve found myself in, and two, I spend all my time working, travelling or trying to hang out with the family. All of which leaves very little time to blog.

The good news is, I’ve loads to tell you about! It’s a really weird feeling, learning what I’m learning, and framing blog posts as the days and weeks go by, but never committing them to the pages of the blog.

It’s a bit like knowing you’ve something really important to do, but never quite remembering to do it. I’ll have a chat with someone, or read something, or think of a new way to tackle the problems I face in the new gig, and immediately think “that will make a great post!” And then immediately move onto something else, and a day later I’ll realise I forgot to write it down.

I think I’m going to have to do that thing where you write the titles of blog posts into the backend of the site to act as reminders. Mind you, I tried that before, and then left it so long to come back to write posts, I couldn’t even remember what the titles were meant to recall.

Anyway… My pre new year’s New Year’s Resolution is to get back into writing. Both here, and over at my other top secret short story blog. Any kind of momentum that had been created here is likely lost, at least according to the ‘rules of blogging’. It will be interesting to see how long it takes, or if it’s even possible to reignite my community.

If you are a long time reader, thanks for stopping by again! I hope you will learn loads with me as I try to capture the lessons that the music industry and the online world colliding together are teaching me.

Whether its strategic stuff about change management, or just about creating a community online, there should be loads to talk about.

And if you are a first time reader, I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here and have a poke around, there’s loads of good books and videos on the site too. And I hope you’ll subscribe or at least come back and visit. I won’t spam your inbox, but hopefully when I do pop around, it’s going to be with something worthwhile and interesting!

And if I don’t see you all before, have a great Christmas 🙂


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  1. Graham Hellis
    Graham Hellis says:

    Loving the work TD, would love to catch up when you get a spare second in your busy schedule.

    I might have a few meetings penned in London in the new year, so might be able to bump into each other then.

    Take care and have a top Christmas!

    Graham Hellis Director, Clear Wave Music Ltd t: 07764 461547 e: [email protected] w:


  2. Sara Ridley
    Sara Ridley says:

    Hi Tony that post was a tease!
    Writing is good for you and for us – hope the next time you think ‘that would make a great post’ you put that pen to paper or stat jotting your ideas into the notes app on iPhone/iPad!
    Kind Regards

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