Date Thursday April 10th 2014

Venue Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff

Those of you that know me know that I am pretty interested in social media! This resulted in the formation of a brilliant Online Influence Conference a couple of years ago. I started it all with the help of Mark Schaefer, but its gone on to be much bigger and better!

This year is the first year I’m not directly involved, and maybe that’s why this is by far the best one yet! Paul Shepard from Coup Media has taken the ethos of Oiconf (as it became known) and super charged it!

I must say, the line up this year is more than I could have ever have imagined it being, and if you are into this digital marketing stuff I can only imagine the conference itself will be mind blowing!

First there are the master classes. You can literally sit there and listen to the following (from the Oiconf blog)

Dennis Bree from Twitter

Dennis Bree from Twitter

Diana Memic Strategist at Google

Diana Memic Strategist at Google







Join Twitter’s master class to learn how brands small and big can use Twitter to connect with their customers when it matters most and win the moment.

Book now to learn more about making the most of Twitter.


Join Google +’s masterclass to learn how you can get the best out of Google +

Book now to learn more about Google Plus


We’ll be treated to an in depth look at how social media monitoring can uncover the communities and influencers you want to speak to, how we can monitor conversations and react to the positive and the negative sentiment we uncover.

Book now to learn more about social data. 


HootSuite is all about saving your time and your sanity! Join HootSuite’s masterclass to learn how you can improve productivity.

Book now to learn social media management.

And if thats not enough, and to be fair, it probably would be enough, here are the keynote speakers for the day:

David Hieatt – Founder of Hiut Denim and The Do Lectures


Founder of Howies, Hieatt Denim, Do Lectures and Do Lectures USA. David is an ex Satchi and Satchi copywriter who has built and sold brands, created one of the world’s Top 10 ideas festivals (according to The Guardian), and single handedly brought manufacturing back to a village in Wales. He counts some of the tech world’s most influential players as friends and now he’s building a school for young entrepreneurs. In Wales.

David is regularly cited as one of the UK’s most creative and ethical entrepreneurs, and is that rare breed of compassion, creativity and drive. David, simply put is a Doer! Oh, and speaking at Oi14 in April!

Mo Syed – Founder of ‘For Luca’

What do Diego Maradona, Pixie Lott, Gene Symons, Mickey Rourke, and the Welsh rugby team have in common? They’ve all raised their hands for Luca, a very special little boy who lost his legs to meningitis aged 3. Luca’s family have worked tirelessly since to raise the awareness of that heinous disease. The results have been awe inspiring and serve not only as a masterclass triumph over adversity but in how to use social networks to mobilise people all around the globe. Listen to how Mo took to Facebook and turned a near tragedy into a global movement raising awareness of Luca’s story and of meningitis around the world.

James Eder – Founder of Student Beans

James Eder has created and built up Student Beans from just an idea to a nationally recognised brand across university campuses in the UK. James will share his story of setting up a website with his brother in 2005 when he was just 22, branching out from .com to cookbook and beyond and how the business (now called The Beans Group) won Digital Business of the Year 2013, set up Voxburner, a youth insights consultancy and grew to a team of over 40 employees.

Helping you bring a different perspective, James will leave you with some tangible ideas and examples of what you can do to make a difference and how a bit of innovation can go a long way

Book your tickets to hear the keynotes here… 

Having had a the opportunity to work o nthe first couple of Oiconf’s I cant believe what an awesome event it’s become! I’m really proud to have been involved, and to now be able to sit back and see what its become!

But it needs to be supported too, the digital community of South Wales (and beyond) need to get behind the event, spread the word, support it, and ultimately buy tickets for Thursday! That way we can make sure Oiconf keeps coming back year after year and keeps getting better.

Buy your ticket now, before its too late.

See you Thursday!



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    coup2013 says:

    Thanks Tony, it’ll be great and it all started with you!! I’ll be eternally grateful for the chance to build on your great work. See you Thursday.

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