An amazing thing happened to me this week, a thing that I am considering is the sort of validation of CFSA that we don’t need, but is still great to get. I have been more than a little humbled by the response to this blog over the last few months. The people I have met or talked to or emailed or even just commented back on forth with on these pages have been simply brilliant.

The work we have done together as a ‘community’ has been astonishing is some cases, as ‘posters’ here on the blog have helped each other out. Not only that, but I have already had enough pay back from the universe to justify ever having started this blog, and everything I will need to do to continue giving completely free sales advice away for ever!

The personal development, the friendships and the opportunity that has come from starting completely free sales advice has already made it all worth while.

And this week, as if to honour this, Mark W Schaefer, the guy that started me off on the path to CFSA featured this blog by hosting a guest post from me on his blog {Grow}. You’ll know this blog if you read mine, as I mention it so often!

I say Mark started me off on this path as he wrote the book that first inspired me to get started and to sign up to WordPress and in fact filled in the finishing touches to my over all plan. (Not that he had any idea!) I refer of course to the tao of twitter, also mentioned elsewhere on these pages any number of times!

With this guest post, I officially declare the experiment a resounding success and from now on, will no longer refer to CFSA as a social media experiment.

Its here, and its here to stay. And I look forward to spending many more happy evenings answering your questions, connecting you up with each other, and posting my general thoughts on marketing, business and everything else in between.

Thank you all, and thank you Mark.

You’re all amazing!