Its finally here, in planning for an age, I finally get to ‘launch’ my new site, all built by my own fair hand! With some help from Beaver Builder of course, highly recommended by the way.

So whats the plan?

After years of making everyone else loads of money, I’ve finally decided to go out on my own and start my own consultancy – Novo Consultancy – It means ‘a fresh start’. I’ve been really lucky, as I picked up some awesome clients right from the off. People like Nation Broadcasting, Innovation Point, for whom I worked on the recent Digital Festival, and the great people at Business News Wales.

Its lovely being your own boss, but its a completely different experience than working for someone else. I’m not sure which I prefer right now, both have pro’s and con’s, but working for myself at least gives me flexibility to keep things fresh, and also help out at home at little bit more than I have been able to for the last twenty odd years!

So what am I doing? 

Basically, all the things the wonderful organisations I’ve worked for over the years have spent thousands on teaching me to do! Sales strategy, marketing strategy and digital transformation. Inspired by my friend Mark Schaefer, Im also experimenting with a new trend I’ve observed – Digital Profile – or making sure you are ‘Known‘ as Mark would put in, in your niche or sector.

Sales Strategy 

I separate ‘sales’ out from sales and marketing as I often think people hide them together. Many people will advise you on your marketing, what colour your logo should be, or why you need a new website etc. But few will put their necks on the line and promise to deliver real sales results for their clients. I aim to buck that trend. I’ll help you sell more, increase rates, increase average order values, or even sell your product for you!

Marketing Strategy

As mentioned, this can cover a multitude of sins, but again, after years of working in this sector, my focus is on results. Common sense questions elicit common sense strategies. And I find that taking that time to step outside the business is highly valuable and, guided by an experienced hand, most business know what it is they want to do anyway. The trick is working out how to do it, usually with little or no budget. Thats where I can come in.

Digital Transformation

Everyone is talking about it, no one knows what it means! Well, what does ‘being digital’ mean to you? To me, it’s about being customer focussed, delighting your customers at every turn. Using real time data to do so, and to inform your business decisions, and of course, making use of the latest in technology to enable this to happen. Its that simple, and that complicated. Maybe the place to start is a sit down and chat about what you are looking to achieve, and what elements of that vast sector will apply to you, and to your business.

And there is loads more. You’ll see my team highlighted on these pages too. Simon, Richard and Tanya. People I’ve worked with for years and trust completely. People who are experts in their own right. People who can make big changes in your business, and help you deliver on the promises you made yourself when you first started out.

I’m ten months in, thats how long its taken me to getting round to building this website! But I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in years. Heres to the next chapter, and thank you as always, for being a part of it with me.


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  1. David W. Gifford
    David W. Gifford says:

    Excellent content, and much better picture. However, a a former photojournalist I would crop it; looks like a near empty room in the background–Giff

  2. Sandy George
    Sandy George says:

    Congratulations Tony. Fabulous to see you putting your vast experience and contagious enthusiasm into this project. Good luck, Sandy.

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