Andrew Grill

I am very excited to announce a new friend of the Online Influence Conference, who has also agreed to take part and deliver a talk at the event. A real life, top quality expert in the field of online influence, the Chief Executive of Kred, Andrew Grill.

Kred, alongside companies like Klout, are attempting to codify and collate the influence people in the on-line world have. The potential benefits for marketers and business are both obvious and complex.

On the face of it, understanding who is a mover and a shaker in your market place could be crucially important. Imagine you are a Spa company for instance, and you could cheaply and easily find out who is not only talking about your products and your services, but what people are influential when it comes to your target market customer too.

Imagine being able to find out who you need to reach with your message as a business in order to in turn reach out to their networks and connections and therefore influence them. Don’t forget how powerful a peer recommendation is compared to a standard advertising approach. The implications are profound.

Of course, there is a lot more too it. And another expert in online influence, and coincidentally another speaker at Oiconf, the incomparable Mark Schaefer has featured Kred, and our new friend Andrew in todays ‘Grow’ blog. Visit it later to read an interview with Andrew, and a short video explaining Kred and their new feature Kred Story.

Kred Story is an amazing new interface for the measurement on your own personal online influence. Simply log in with your twitter handle and see a graphical representation of your tweets, connections, messages, retweets, influencers and people that influence you. I guarantee you’ll be hooked in no time!

I am so excited that Andrew has decided to accept my invite to talk at Oiconf. I cant believe we are able to bring the level of  speaker we are to the Celtic Manor on the 20th of September. Lets recap!

Jay Cooper – MD of Bloom, one of the top social media agency’s in the UK

Emma Meese – Ex BBC social media trainer and lecturer in journalism and social media in Cardiff

Marc Webber – This guy has seen it all, he helped build and worked at the Sun and various other media companies

James Cridland – one of the UK’s most sort after speakers, a futurolgist, blogger and MD of mediaUK website

Pippa Davies – the legendary Mrs Moti! An author and creative expert who has worked with some of the biggest names in business

Adrew Grill – as already mentioned!

And of course, the man who I think its fair to say has done more to make this conference happen than anyone else, Mark Schaefer. Best selling author, social media lecturer, and worldwide Grow Blog superstar.

In Wales. 20th September. For only £75.

And don’t forget, if you book your ticket between now and 1st September, you’ll also get FREE entry into an exclusive workshop delivered by Mark, at the fabulous Atrium in Cardiff – and get the chance to meet Mark following this over a personal drink or two as well!