The Online Influence social media conference (Oiconf) is really gathering pace! Tickets are going well and the early birds represent great value at just £50. If you havent got yours, click here to visit the eventbrite page or let me know if you need to be invoiced. Please note, the early bird ticket is only available for a limited time, so please book early, otherwise the cost goes up to £75.

I thought I’d share some of what you are going to be able to learn on the day. The people you’ll see and what you’ll be able to learn.

Opening the event is the brilliant Jay Cooper. Jay is a digital marketing expert and business entrepreneur, having set up

Jay Cooper

successful communications businesses for the last 20 years. Currently owner & MD of BLOOM Social Business, he has a passion for Social Business, describing himself as a Social Explorer and mobile marketing maven. He is also an advisor for Angel Investors in the social and mobile sectors.

Jay will be talking about how important its is for today’s business to be ‘social’. However Jay will focus on how what needs to happen internally within the organisation is just as important as what happens externally out there on the social media platforms.

Next up is Emma Meese. Emma is a professional journalist, TV producer and director and is a social media trainer for the BBC, which includes as well as many other tasks, teaching journalists how to maximise their news gathering and reporting abilities using the latest technology and social media platforms. She has worked on ‘Week In, Week Out’, ‘X-Ray’ and ‘Working lunch’ and presented Heno, S4C’s flagship News programme. Emma also guest lectures on a regular basis to journalism and business students, amongst others, about how powerful social media is as a journalistic tool.

Emma will be providing a professional insight into the many and varied social platforms available and how to get the best from each. She’ll be talking about what social media platform will be right for your business and what you will need to think about in order to get the best from it. Happy to answer your questions, Emma is an absolute bundle of energy and a hugely entertaining speaker – this talk is not to be missed!

Marc Webber is our next guest and what a pedigree he has! Marc is a multi award-winning digital media editor and consultant with over a decade of experience in new media. As Head of Content for, he led a team that doubled traffic to the website within a year and develop video services for the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster. As Assistant Editor of The Sun online, Marc built its video offering from scratch, winning an AOP award in the process. He is currently advising businesses big and small on their digital and social offering.

Marc Webber

Here’s what Marc has said about his bit of the day:

We hear a lot about how we should ‘be on Facebook, Twitter, social network x or social network y’ but what is the common factor that drives success on all those platforms? It’s the content you have or, in other words, the stories you have to tell. By the end of the session, you will see how content has driven success for big and small brands and that it leads to new business. And, you will walk away with the tools and the mindset to have a go yourself. Using examples of content that went ‘viral’, the session will show how companies, charities and public bodies went about choosing and creating that ‘content’ and how it needs to be tailored for the right social audience.

And someone will walk away with more than that as Marc will pick two random attendees and make direct suggestions on how they can become a social network star!

Philippa Davies

After pausing to catch our breath, we’ll then welcome Pippa Davies to the stage. Philippa Davies is a business psychologist and writer who makes apps, e-books and video –  and is a zealot about developing digital content. Her clients in 2012 include General Electric, Merck, Sharp & Dohme and UK Olympic Performance Directors, along with SMEs she helps create distinctive presence online. She’s written 11 books including Your Blog Voice . Her teaching blog is at and her psychology blog at

Pippa’s talk in entitled: Blogs, E-Books and Video Creation: the Thrifty Guide to Engaging ContentIs there any point in creating wonderful content if you can’t find your audience? Are you expending time and money on social media to no avail? Describing three critical activities for SMEs seeking to create successful content online, Philippa will show you how foraging, risk-taking and edutaining builds engagement, community and reputation – and for very little cost. Using examples of businesses she has helped, this session will help you prime your ‘inner digital creative’ to make, produce and prosper.

At some point we’ll have a break to discuss and digest the days content so far. Every attendee will also get the chance to meet the man himself, Mr Mark Schaefer, and receive a complimentary signed copy of his new book Return on Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring and Influence Marketing.

James Cridland

We’ll soon be back to it with James Cridland, Radio Futurologist and the MD of Media UK.  James has worked in radio since 1989 as an award-winning copywriter, presenter, and internet advisor. In 2001 he joined the original Virgin Radio in London, where he was Digital Media Director. In 2007 he joined the BBC to work on the BBC iPlayer for radio. Since leaving the BBC in 2009, he has worked for a variety of businesses, including the receiver manufacturer PURE, audio blogging platform Audioboo, UK Radioplayer and a variety of European media companies, helping them focus on the benefits and challenges that new platforms bring to their business.

James is giving a very entertaining and informative perspective on what we can learn from the London Riots last Summer! What do they mean for the way that we all use social media – individuals, businesses and media organisations? Did social media cause the riot? Was it a reliable source of news? And what should we all know about it? – Plus: a short story of how a hotel in Toronto with rubbish wi-fi still managed to delight a customer.

And then after a day packed full of social media strategies to drive your business we welcome Mark Schaefer to the stage to deliver the keynote of the conference.

Did you know that we are right at the cusp of a marketing revolution that’s being led by YOU? Even if you’re slightly active on social media platforms, you’re being scored and evaluated every day by a host of new companies like Klout, and maybe even some well-known brands. 

This social media technological shift has democratized influence, and makes it possible to find and connect with people who are creating buzz that is key to your business success. Now, these people may not be celebrities; they may not be pro athletes or movie stars …  But they are Citizen Influencers—and you and your company can be one, too. 

Mark Schaefer

Our keynote speaker Mark Schaefer is a college educator, internationally known consultant and the best-selling author of The Tao of Twitter and Return On Influence. In this fast-paced talk, he’ll open up the world of influence marketing, describe new case studies, and explain an actionable formula for successfully improving your social media impact.

I honestly think this is a once in a blue moon event for Wales. To be able to host the talent on show, in the one place, and do it in such a unique way meaning we can keep the costs down to basically pay for the event is amazing. But it needs your support to make it happen.

Buy your tickets today before the price goes up, to make sure the event goes ahead! No money will be made by the event, as in the unlikely event there are any proceeds we’ll be donating them to charity. So every ticket sold takes us closer to making it happen.

Buy your ticket and spread the word!