Oi logo bigI couldn’t have done the Online Influence conference (Oiconf) last year without the help of some very special people, notably, Russell Britton who helped develop the brand, Joel Hughes who handled our online presence  and Ben Cook who offered event support. Pippa Davies made up the initial ‘committee’ with us, and with them all, it wouldn’t have happened.

I’ve also publicly recognised the massive help that Nick Miles has been to me through the whole thing, and a good number of other people who selflessly give their time and support to make this happen. I think of these people as Oiconf ‘superfans’ people like Andrea (@rightmoveaddict) and the team at South Wales Fire and Rescue (@SWFireandRescue) and Gemma (@GemmaSavage07) .

The Oiconf Team at last years event

The Oiconf Team at last years event

Please don’t be mad if I haven’t mentioned you there, there are loads of you, and I’d be here all day! Just know that you are awesome and I am very grateful to you all.

This year, as you know, Oiconf is bigger than ever, and I am really pleased to announce some more formal alliances we have made to strengthen the team and take us to the next level.

Firstly we are again supported by the extraordinarily talented Joel Hughes of Jojet and Russel Britton. Nick Miles of Neon events returns as the event organiser.

Secondly, welcome to our first official sponsors of this years Oiconf, The Chartered Institue of Marketing in Wales, led by the indefatigable Richard Houdmont. We are delighted to be able to offer CIM accredited members special discounts on tickets. More details will follow directly, or speak directly to Richard if you are a member.


Coup Media

Our second sponsors are Coup Media. Coup are bringing their considerable expertise in social media marketing to our organisation and will be pulling together much of our online and other marketing collateral. Look out for a new Facebook page and enhanced Twitter activity, as well as some other really fun stuff.

And last but not least, for now anyway, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Aimee Bateman of Careercake.com as Oiconf Ambassador and Tour Manager. Aimee will be looking after our speakers when they arrive in June and will also help us with marketing the events in the run up.

Aimee Bateman of Oiconf and Careercake.com

Aimee Bateman of Oiconf and Careercake.com

You may have noticed the blog has been a little quiet lately. I am sorry about that, I love writing this stuff for you, but in running the radio station and arranging the early stages of Oiconf something has to give if I am to have any sort of life away from the laptop!

Please bear with me, normal service will resume soon! In the meantime, as ever, if you would like to say something, ask a question, or speak to me directly please feel free. And that goes for Oiconf stuff, or generally marketing and social media stuff too.

Leave a comment below or email me on [email protected] By the way, I’ve noticed that the email address doesn’t appear as a link, and I don’t know how to do that, so please copy and paste into your address field in your normal email client

Thanks as always!

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