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Its been a while since I’ve talked about the Online Influence Conference (Oiconf) so I thought I’d bring everyone up to speed with the latest plans.

As well as bringing on board a number of helpers, and a good number of ambassadors, more of which later, we have also started to finalise the line ups for each event.

Obviously, our star guests remain as announced, and are headlined by the incomparable Mari Smith, premier Facebook marketer and all round social media guru. Mari is given us a tremendous insight into the latest thinking on the topic and will deliver 5 Facebook strategies for maximum impact, reach and ROI.

Mark Schaefer will deliver a brand new talk focusing on what it takes to make this thing we call social media into the most amazing and powerful force for your business. Four keys to understanding social media marketing is the name of the talk, and I’ve had a sneak peek at some of the content, and are you in for a treat!

Tom Webster is also lined up, a VP of research for a top US market research company, Edison Research, the people that do the US presidential exit polling (!) Tom is giving a talk entitled Making Big Data Small. its one of the hottest topics of the moment, and Tom is a leading thinker on it.

The last of our very special transatlantic experts is the extremely talented Tamsen Webster. I think Tamsen will be the knock out blow for most people. She is a superb thinker and leads the way when it comes to content marketing. Her talk Content: Fuelling the conversion engine is going to bring the house down. She is awesome – trust me when I tell you this!

Then to bring each fo the events to a close, in each of the venue we are going to put on a panel discussion like none other!

Each of our four US guests, social media experts all, and certainly in Mari and Marks case, world recognised authorities, will be joined by three or four ‘local’ experts.

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So you will get the chance, depending on your venue, to discuss social media, or the topics of the brilliant talks we have lined up for you, or in fact, any topic you want, with the worlds leading thinkers on the topic, and some of the hottest social media talent in the UK.

Fancy hearing what Mari Smith has to say about Facebook marketing in the Midlands? Or Tom Websters perspective of social in Scotland? Oiconf is the place to be!

But as well a this, as added value and at no extra charge, we have managed to secure three or four of the leading experts in Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow who will join our special guests on the stage and discuss and debate whatever you think should be the topic of conversation.

These guys are leading the way in their specific regions in the UK. We have Welsh thought leaders in Cardiff, North West guru’s in Manchester and so on. They are social media professionals in their own right, and each would command their own speaking slot at a ‘normal’ conference.

I’ll announce exactly who will be joining us shortly. In he meantime make sure you BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!

Sadly, Cardiff Early Birds are now sold out, meaning only full price tickets are now available (unless you’ve one of the discount codes!)

But you can still secure Early Birds at Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, saving £50 off the full price of £149. It’s an unbelievable price for an unbelievable conference.

If you are serious about social media, you want to learn more for your career, your business or your education, you cannot afford to miss this conference.

Book now!

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