Here is a great article from Justice Mitchell, interviewing Dino Dogan of Triberr fame.

Fame? I hear you cry! Never heard of Triberr…

Triberr is the self-proclaimed ‘reach multiplier’. It’s a way for like-minded bloggers to band together into ‘tribes’ and share each others content through Twitter and Facebook. It can be small scale, like the Tribe I run, literally a handful of people I know well, and therefore trust. Or it can be much more random, as Triberr allocates bloggers to your tribe, which while having the effect of dramatically multiplying your reach, does leave you ‘open’ to being shared by people you don’t know, as well as potentially sharing content that you’re not familiar with.

Initially Tribeer ‘automagically’ shared the posts of everyone in the Tribe, and that can still be set as an option, but these days all sharing needs to be authorised before it happens. And by sharing I mean your Twitter account (and Facebook if you chose) posts the blogs of the people you have authorised. The posting can be automated, and the timings carefully selected too if you feel like.

I think this could be an extremely powerful tool for us ‘small time’ bloggers. Being able to band together to support each others work in this way has huge potential, especially as if, like I am, you are careful as to who you let into the Tribe and careful about what you share.

My personal results are mixed at the moment. My Tribe members aren’t all as prolific as I am, so I don’t get to share as much of their work as I’d like, though there is a hard-core of regular posters who are gradually forming strong alliances.

There are tons of other functions on Triberr that you may also find useful, the discussion forums, the opportunity to join Tribes from all over the world and the opportunity to partake of Dino Dogan’s work on his personal blog being just a few.

Anyway like I said, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I am a big fan of the functionality and the idea behind it, though many people (including me at the start) find it difficult to get their heads round, it’s definitely worth a bash

Here is the interview – check it out and make your own mind up!

Dino Dogan, Triberr and the Future of the Free World

As ever, if I can help with this, and pass on my experience with using Triberr, please feel free to shout. Get me @radiojaja or leave a comment below. You can even email me directly on [email protected] ig you think it will help!

  1. Joel_Hughes
    Joel_Hughes says:

    I’m still playing with it and I certainly have to manually approve any post which goes out – I find it hard to believe anyone would want that to be automatic? Seems like playing with fire to me..


    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Fair play Joel, I can see that view point. Its about trust and openess I guess. In your case especially its about your brand too isnt it? So you are right to be protective I think.