The incomparable Jeff Bullas has just hosted a guest post from a lady called Susanna Gebauer – founder of the social publishing and content platform Explore B2B. Its one of those really interesting pieces where you get to characterise the various people hanging around on social media sites!

I guess the fun is in deciding which one is you? Any way, here is what Susanna has to say (read the article in its original form here)

1. The Shy – These guys aren’t starting conversations, they are waiting for people to talk to them. Thing is, they may have a long wait!

2. The Politician – Conversely jumping in at every opportunity to comment share or generally get into the mix.

3. The Self Promoter – Takes part in the discussion, but with only their agenda in mind (know a few of them!)

4. The Helpful – There to provide strong answers and positive feedback

5. The Nagger – No matter what you post they will find a way to criticise

6. The Direct – One goal, to obtain your contact information!

7. The Entertainer – Uses Social Media as a stage, unlike the self promoter or the politician they can get away with their self absorption!

8. The Story Teller – Never shy of a good story or narrative these guys produce great content and get loads of likes and shares

9. The Friend – Does not take part in social media with business in mind – it’s all about the interaction

10. The Comedian – Always after the laugh, even when not getting it! Their posts try to be witty, but often miss the point.

Susanna goes on to explain what else you need to know about these guys, and what you should look out for in your interactions with them. It’s a lovely fun post, well worth a read.

So who are you? Willing to share? First person that tells me who they are, gets told who I think I am! Deal?

  1. James Thomas (@RightSaidJames)
    James Thomas (@RightSaidJames) says:

    I guess I’m somewhere between 2, 4 and 9 – I know when to make my opinion heard, I like offering advice where I think it might be useful, but a lot of the time I’d rather talk about the great things that other people are doing.

  2. Tony Dowling
    Tony Dowling says:

    Thats interesting James! I suppose most people would be a mix. But you’re most likely more one that the others? I can see why you think that about yourself though 🙂
    I’d love to be number 8, but always afraid I’m number 3!!!