Another cracking post on Mark Schaefers Business {Grow} blog. This time a guest post from a fascinating guy called Mars Dorian. Mars makes a very interesting correlation between the time his blog ‘took off’ and when he introduced what he calls visual marketing into his output.

The feature has 6 ideas to really make your posts zing, here in summary:

1) Create images that capture the whole idea

2) Visualise your brand with high quality original photography

3) Make stats sexy with a quality infographic

4) Be Stunning. Go for beautiful product shots.

5) Get to the point. Being visual also means you’ll need to treat language differently

6) Use visual storytelling in your slide shows and use one idea per slide.

Interesting? You must go and check it out – its a fascinating piece.

Im not sure its especially useful for people like me that dont have access to amazing images or marketing budgets for their blogging efforts, but the point is still well made. And this guy is incredibly talented, it absolutely oozes class! And Mars Dorian’s website is amazing too – check it out here.