Here is a terrific post on Melissa Lanier’s HR Outsider Blog.

It launches with some pretty arresting statistics.

Actively disengaged employees are 9 times more likely to leave an organisation than engaged ones – Corporate Leadership Council.

And Highly engaged workers are 26% more productive than disengaged workers – Towers Watson

Highly engaged employees take 20% fewer sick days than disengaged employees – Towers Watson

Melissa then goes on to list the top employee engagement killers. Are you guilty of any of these little lot?

1. Make decisions that seem arbitrary

2. Take away control

 3. Let stress make you “snarky”

4. Assign stretch tasks without adequate support

5. Pay people significantly different amounts for similar work

6. Adopt the engagement “flavor of the month”

7. Focus on the day-to-day at the exclusion of the big picture

8. Exclude people from the change process in an effort to move quickly

9. Overlook recognition because ”you don’t need it”

 10. Create a competitive environment

She goes into excellent detail about each of these points and has a simple understated style. However the advice is absolutely bang on. There’s a nice little poll on the site too, for people to submit their own personal ‘favourite’ engagement killer.

It’s a great article that’s well worth a proper read. Oh, and have a poke around the rest of the site too, loads of good stuff there. Thanks Melissa, I’ll be back soon!

Melissa Lanier