One of only two blogs I read every day is Anthony Iannarino’s the sales blog. Honestly the guy is a genius! He actually makes me feel bad sometimes as his stuff on sales and selling is so damn good! Everytime I read another awesome Iannarino post, I wonder whether I should give up blogging about sales and pick something else instead, like eating cakes or something else I am good at!


This is one of the VERY best pieces on his blog. Its called Foundational Sales Attributes. And as the title suggests its Iannarino’s take on what attributes great sales people share.

Read it, if you are serious about selling you wont be disappointed.

Just PLEASE come back here and read me too! 🙂

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  1. Allen Roberts
    Allen Roberts says:

    I enjoy your blog, and the links you put in will make me continue to come back.
    Thesalesblog today is a great link, a terrific find. Long live Mark Schaffer, Seth Godin and the few others who open their minds to us by curating this great stuff, and those like you, and hopefully me who benefit from the sharing, and set out to reciprocate.