Well, I can finally reveal what a few of you might have guessed…. that Oiconference (The Online Influence Conference) will once again we making a return to South Wales!

New Oi

Click on the pic to go to the new Oi! website and sign up for updates!

And after proving such a hit in the Marriott in Cardiff last month, how could it not!

But this time we’ve some one special to thank. Paul Shepherd from Coup Media, the main sponsors of Oi! last time round, enjoyed it so much he has decided to ‘buy’ it!

Like most other people, following my blog about how tough the run up to the last event had been, Paul approached me afterwards to inquire as to my ambitions for the next one, and we got talking…

I can promise you that this – Oiconference 14 is going to be awesome!

Paul has literally swept in on his white charger and saved the day. His ambition, and not to mentioned his company’s resources are exactly what the Oiconference needed – its a real shot in the arm.

He has already tied up 9 breakout masterclasses on social data, social/mobile convergence and social advertising – honestly, he has managed to do what I have always envisioned for Oiconference, by giving it the attention it has always deserved.

This is a genuinely ‘fan driven’ conference, and as a fan himself, Paul really has taken it on in exactly the right spirit.

If you pop over to Oicnonference.com you’ll find a lovely holding page with a great big clue to where the next event will be held.

Its going to be in April next year, and if you sign up on the page you’ll get all the updates directly into your inbox.

While its now Paul’s event to do with as he wants, he has very kindly asked me to maintain some involvement as a content adviser – so that we can keep to the original ethos of the conference as much as possible.

And of course, as well as following the updates directly from Paul and the guys at Coup Media, you’ll be able to hear about everything right here as well.

Or follow Oiconference on Twitter @Oiconf

Or ‘Like’ Oiconference on the Facebook page here: www.Facebook.com/Oiconference

And finally, here is a lovely video to remind you of what we learned last time. Or perhaps give you a taster if you are thinking about coming next time!

The video was done by Angel Garden and Steve Paris, the team behind the independent news site Amazon News Media, who have relocated to the area and are available for work in the South West and Wales.

They describe themselves as South West Wales Media’s newest video journalistic team! And they have done a great job – Find them here on their website amazonnewsmedia.com, and here on their YouTube Channel.

Or follow them on Twitter @amazonnewsmedia


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    MARK WILSON says:

    Really good news about Oi Conf 14, keen to get the date in the diary but just left the guys a message on Facebook following a brief glimpse of the venue “hint” pics and hoping its all wheelchair accessible !! Time to move some content, whatever that is now !! All the best, Mark, http://www.promove.uk.com the place to go to find out how you can help disabled people move from a 2 b with dignity. @a2bwithdignity

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