More Great Ads!

A friend of mine has a brilliant Pinterest board dedicated to Creative Advertising! His name is Rob O'Shea and you can find the board here. Here are some great examples!

Great Ads Are Entertainment Too!

I love the idea of 'Content Shock' as Mark Schaefer describes it. Basically the idea that as the amount of content that is produced continues to expand, our attention spans stay at the same level. Our ability to consume content remains unchanged…

These Brilliant Ads Show Print Isn't Dead!

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I've got a confession to make. I love adverts. I was that kid who stopped playing to watch when the commercials came on the TV. I've always been a student of ads. Radio ads, Posters, TV, Cinema - All sorts and shapes and sizes. I love…

They say selling is dead...

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People say selling is dead. its always been a bit of a dirty word in the UK. But I've always had admiration for those organisations and people that have done it well. And as far as I can see, its not dead at all - its just much, much harder…

The Evolution of Advertising

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If you get a chance, subscribe to Hubspot in whatever form you can - blogs or email updates or whatever. Their content is often fantastic Like this brilliant slide share presentation on the Evolution of Advertising - Well worth the read [slideshare…

Why Isn't Advertising Content Marketing Too?

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Lets be absolutely honest here. Some of the best advertising in the world counts as great content doesn't it? Its consumed, shared, discussed, blogged about, liked, tweeted, pinned and everything else. So why is advertising still considered…

Is Content Marketing Advertisings New Rival?

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Another in the series of infographics I've featured from the brilliant Jeff Bullas blog. He recently ran a great post featuring 5 cool content marketing infographics you shouldnt miss This one is a cracker! It comes from the good folks…

Make Content Marketing Work

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Here is another of the brilliant infographics I saw on a recent Jeff Bullas post that I'd like to share with you. It originated from the smart people at Enjoy!

5 Blogs you should be reading

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A while ago I wrote a post detailing my favourite blogs and strongly suggested you check them out. Reading blogs is  really one of my guilty pleasures and I make time everyday to check out at least a couple. In addition to the ones I…

The Biggest Mistake Advertisers Make

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I have worked with Mike Bersin for more years than I care to mention. And I am proud to call him a friend too. As well as a brief taking and copy writing genius, Mike is one of the most savvy advertising and marketing people I know.…