Case Study: The Optimal Swing Clinic

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I had a very interesting chat with Ben Goffen of Optimal Swing Clinic. Ben offers a pretty well differentiated product, and he wanted a bit of 'completely free marketing advice' to get him going. Ben is a fully qualified doctor of chiropractic,…

3 ways to make a resolution stick!

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Its that time of year again. we all look inwards (and outwards I guess) and focus for a time on those parts of our lives we wish we could improve, or change for the better. Maybe you want to lose weight (!) get fit, get a new job or…

In search of the Holy Grail of Performance Management

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A very good friend of mine Sean Grey, commented on some of my recent posts on self sabotage and the conscious mind and subconscious mind. Sean was really interested in discussing his take on these areas in more detail, so I invited…