3 Minute Podcast: How to Overcome Any Objection

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I think a lot about this topic, and how the very act of overcoming a clients objection can immediately set you off on the wrong foot. They basically mean 'I don't want to talk to you' and you need to tread with caution when overcoming these…

3 minute Podcast: Trust Like Respect

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Another bash at the very clever medium of podcasts today. This one is prompted by a comment on the first podcast I did about why your customers dont buy from John Heany. It was a great comment, very well thought out, and John talks about…

The JoJet Business Podcast (warning contains me!)

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I was recently interviewed by the very talented Joel Hughes of Jojet. Joel is a web developer by trade, but a lot more than that too. Check out his blog here where he will go into all the gory details of his extremely diverse interests! Have…