Einstein: He had a theory of special relativity for selling as well…

Price right?

Thats the biggest issue we face on a daily basis isn’t it? Once we are past the ‘red herring objections’, those designed to throw us off our game, to stymie our flow without really making any sense, our prospective clients tell us they can’t afford what we sell.

Red herring objections? You know, the ones that the client doesn’t mean. The ones they have learned over the years are the hardest ones for sales people to overcome. They aren’t real objections, they are just designed to block us. Weird isn’t it?

Then, when they run out of objections, they throw in that they can’t afford us. Bummer! Can you imagine the frustration? You go all the way through your process, cleverly knocking back objection after objection only to have them tell you they have no money.

Some clients can’t even be bothered to do the dance. They go straight for the end game and stop us mid flow to tell us they have no budget, no cash, no moolah, no way in the world to pay for the brilliant product you are battering at them with. This is despite the lovely car outside their place of business or the holiday pictures from the Caribbean they showed you on your last visit, or the new house you know they are building in the nicest part of town.

The more sensible sellers amongst you will have noticed this, and it will have given you pause. And when put together with those rare sales that go amazingly well it should set you off thinking.

(By the way, I mean those rare sales that flow perfectly from start to finish. The ones that are clean and quick. Its almost as if the client really wants what we are selling!)

And what should you be thinking? What should you be putting together? What are the clues telling us?

It’s NOTHING to do with price.

When they don’t want why we sell, they go through so many convolutions to avoid buying, its not funny.

THAT’S because YOU can’t take no for an answer.

That’s what sales people do though isn’t it? Persist. Chase, literally not taking no for an answer is a huge part of what we do surely?

Lets think about this for a minute. Whats the point in this approach? Do you even enjoy it? How many times have you beaten someone into submission and ‘forced’ the sale? Versus how many times have you made a sale when either you have pointed out the reason why your client really needs your product or service, or even, when they have come to us in the first place to ask for it?

Wow… never looked at it like that before?

Yes, some ‘low level / low involvement’ purchases can be influenced through persistence. Bugging a client to death, or charming your way into a relationship capable of supporting low volume purchases like newspaper advertising or yellow pages inserts is perfectly possible. But it won’t get a grown up client to commit to grown up budgets will it? At least it never has when Ive tried it!

And its not about the size of the price tag either. Size, as the great man said, is relative!

I met a top seller today, paid handsomely by his employer with an annual target running into millions of pounds. His average orders were hundreds of thousands of pounds. But the amazing thing was he spoke like any other sales person Ive ever met. He spoke about the same issues ‘normal’ sales people face.

He did his own paper work, his own prospecting, HIS OWN COLD CALLING. He wrote presentations for himself to deliver to his clients. He nurtured some, closed hard on others. He had to negotiate and deal in exactly the same way we all do.

And here’s the thing. His sales only happen when he identifies the need for his client too (Or the client comes to him for his product)

STOP arguing with people over price. Show them why they need what you sell. Honestly, its as easy as that.

No one ever bought anything they didn’t need (or want) and its the reason your client doesn’t buy from you 99% of the time. They don’t need your product, or they don’t think (for some reason) your product is going to met the need in the same way you do. Or at the very least, given the way you have described what you can do for them, they don’t need to pay what you are asking for it.

Heres how it works.

Identify a problem that your client has. Get them to agree if you can, that its a problem (not always necessary)  – AND SOLVE IT.

Simple as that.

You solve clients problems and the price objection melts away. All objections melt away.

If you don’t do this you are at best pitching and leaving your target achievement and your earnings up to the luck of the draw. Throw enough s**t against the wall and some will stick right?

Alternatively, seek out clients with the sorts of problems you can solve. Clients that need what you sell. And solve their problems, sell to them.

You’ll feel better because you will be helping people not beating down endless doors looking for the next ‘mug’. They feel better because you are able to add a value to the relationship few other sellers can do.

This is what they mean by win win OK? Do it. At least try it!

I mean, why wouldn’t you?

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  1. Joel
    Joel says:

    Great post Tony, love this line:
    “STOP arguing with people over price. Show them why they need what you sell. Honestly, its as easy as that.”


  2. audreymcsweeney
    audreymcsweeney says:

    Great article Tony – it’s really very simple isn’t it. Sometime we get bogged down with too much information / fancy presentation / bells and whistles but really it’s very simple. Well done – it’s got me thinking this Monday morning about how i can do things differently.

  3. Tony Dowling
    Tony Dowling says:

    thats amazing Audrey! I don’t think Ive ever had as good a comment as that. Making people think, and opening their eyes to how they may work differently is an amazing thing to achieve
    Thanks for your comment, you’ve quite made my day!

  4. Mark James
    Mark James says:

    Great article Tony and very apt for us in the motor trade at the minute. The basics are essential and us salespeople are the easist people to sell to so sometimes it makes us wonder why people don’t buy because we always do!

  5. Pauline Stevens
    Pauline Stevens says:

    Great article Tony, very interesting…. The problem has always been with salespeople just trying to make targets and percieving to know exactly what the clients needs are. Take time to understand the clients business and then you can tell them what they need, especially in your area – media.