The man of the moment!

I got very excited today reading our friend Mark Schaefer’s blog on his Social Slam event Social media success also breeds risk. And not because he mentioned our event in September in the comments either! No, I got excited for two reasons

The first reason is that our Oi – Online Influence conference is modelled on this very event. And Social Slam was a HUGE success. Thats has made me feel great about what we are doing at the Celtic Manor later on this year.

As Social Slam was, so is Oi – the Online Influence conference: It’s about creating content, and curating content, and understanding influence, and looking ahead as to what might happen in the future. It’s not here to preach or sell you anything. Its respects the fact you know what you’re doing with social media, but also understands you want to get to the next level. First and foremost it’s about you – and your business, your social media efforts, plans and tactics

It’s about helping. Its being put on to share knowledge. We have some amazing people lined up to speak, and all of whom are coming along to share with us. They’ll give us all they know about this wonderful thing that is the social web. And it’s not just about the presentations, we are designing it so that there is room to talk about what you have heard and even challenge the ideas that will be expressed. Everyone there should take loads away. Thats the number one objective.

It’s also about doing the right thing. Every single speaker booked for September 20th has given their time for free. No one is making money from the event, it’s going to be able to pay its way and that’s it. I’m trying to work the costs so its accessible to everyone; students, Multi National corporations and like most of us reading this blog, SMEs. We may even have some over for a charity donation (I need to do some really hard sums first!)

The second reason I am really excited though, is that my friend Mark Schaefer is giving a keynote speech. My friend. Mark Schaefer! Yes, that Mark Schaefer. I forget you see. Time moves on, I’ve a day job to do as well. But reading Marks blog today, which I do every day, has brought back to me what a talent the man is. And how well-respected he is too. The congratulations and plaudits have been deafening since social slam, and many, many social media commentators have talked about what an amazing event it was.

And the man responsible for Social Slam is coming to talk to us. Because of a conversation we had on Twitter about an idea to hold a social media conference in Wales. Unbelievable!

One of the worlds most recognisable social media experts is coming to Wales on September the 20th, at the Celtic Manor resort in Newport.

I mean ‘Wow!’

The website will be launched soon, and you’ll be able to buy your tickets. I’ll let you know as soon as its ready

Its going to Rock!

  1. jameslramsay
    jameslramsay says:

    Well done chap – Thanks on behalf of the proletariat for leading us all for this great day


    (Shout out when ever you need a hand – everyone will step up to share the burden)


    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Thanks James! Im relying on these offers of help. I need social media guides to help our delegates get the most from the event. I’ll speak to you wonderful volunteers soon to sort out!