That’s it! The social media conference for Wales, or what I should now be calling the Oi (Online Influence) conference, is done. We have finally got there, and produced one of the finest Social Media line ups to have graced the Welsh, if not even, the UK stage! I am so proud of the work that’s gone into this event, and grateful for the help of everyone that’s chipped in so far.

I can announce the line up is completed with two additions. ‘Social Explorer’ and ‘Mobile Marketing maven’ Jay Cooper is the first. Jay is the  MD of Bloom, what he calls a ‘social agency’. He is, in other words, living the stuff we will be talking about every day, and earning a living doing it. Always good qualifications in my book.

Here’s what Jay has to say about himself, from his LinkedIn profile.

‘Jay is a digital marketing expert and business entrepreneur, having set up successful communications businesses for the last 20 years.

Currently owner & MD of BLOOM Social Business, he has a passion for Social Business, describing himself as a Social Explorer and mobile marketing maven. He is also an advisor for Angel Investors in the social and mobile sectors.

BLOOM works with blue chip clients on a global level to build Social Business capability. Clients include Toyota Motors Europe. Social Exploration is Jay’s passion – seeking intelligence to back up thinking around online, social behaviour.

In the 1990’s he co-founded and ran WorldWide Media Group, pioneers of database marketing and one of Europe’s largest independent direct marketing agencies. Client satisfaction and exceptional results have always been a hallmark of his work. He has pioneered the field of driving customer engagement and has pushed the boundaries in what is possible in Social Business and digital marketing.’

I have asked Jay to open the conference, and he is well prepared to set us up for what is going to be an amazing day.

So to recap the line up: (Click on the names to find these guys on Twitter)

Jay CooperMD Bloom agency, Social Explorer

Marc Webber –  Former Head of Content and Ex Asst Ed, The Sun online, Mark has just finished projects for UTV and Paddy Power.

Philippa DaviesBlogger and Entrepreneur, a trained psychologist and creativity expert, Philippa has just published a new book.

Emma Meese – BBC Social Media producer and trainer, TV producer and award winning videographer

James Cridland – Futurologist, MD of Media UK and consultant, writer and speaker

And of course, our star guest, world wide social media and marketing guru Mark W SchaeferSocial Media giant and author of ‘The Tao of Twitter’ and newly released ‘Return on Influence’.

And last, and in the truest way possible, by no means least. The event will be hosted for us by the enormously experienced and all round good guy, Paul Fairburn. Paul is Founder and MD of Aimiable Consulting, the Social Media Marketing and SEO company. And as well as writing guest posts on this very blog, is a total social media expert himself. Paul will keep the day flowing, introducing our guest speakers and handling questions from the floor.

We have also started to put together the roster of ‘Social Media Guides’. These are the people who will accompany each table of delegates to make sure YOU get exactly what you need out of the event. They will encourage discussion, fill in the blanks, and make sure everyone is getting the best out of whats going on.

So far the level of experience of the social media guides who have agreed to take part is humbling. They are all experts themselves, and would be worth paying to go and see in their own right ! If you fancy helping out in this way on the day (and loads of people have offered, theres not many places left) please let me know.

The event is at the Celtic Manor Resort on the 20th of September, and early bird tickets will go on sale soon. There will be an event right page that’s going up where you’ll be able to get them. Initially £50, they will go up to £75, so get in early! Right now, you can also follow the Oi Conference on Twitter @Oiconf.

This event will be ‘cost neutral’. All the speakers have given their time for FREE, and the ticket price will cover the expenses of setting up the event itself. The staging, PA, AV stuff and what have you, as well as the sundry expenses of doing something like this! The Event itself is sponsored by Real Radio Wales, Wales’ largest commercial radio station, and my day job! We are very lucky in that Real Radio are paying the major costs.

Any and all proceeds (and there might not be very much over) will be donated to charity once the dust has settled. No one is making a bean from the event, which makes it all the more amazing if you ask me.

So there we are. Spread the word! We haven’t seen anything like this is Wales before, and I truly believe it will be a unique experience for the 150 people who manage to secure the ticket.

Please tell your friends, tweet this blog, share on Facebook and generally shout about it all over! There will be an event website up soon, and all the details you’ll need will be there.

Oh, and let me know what you think of our logo! Leave a comment below, Tweet me on @Radiojaja or as ever, feel free to email me directly on [email protected]

Its going to be a blast!

  1. eiryreesthomas
    eiryreesthomas says:

    Re the logo, Tony: Apart from the ‘Online Influence’ interpretation, it comes across as a Welsh call to arms as in ‘Oi, listen to this, or come here’, for example. Maybe that’s because I’m from the Welsh valleys.
    The conference should be exciting. Congratulations.

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Thanks Mark, and credit i where it is due, a lot of it is down to you and your willingness to support this event. Long way to go of course, but thanks all the same! Really looking forward to meeting you in person

  2. D Evans
    D Evans says:

    ‘Oi’ to me is a type of music so I initially thought it was a punk music conference LOL! Maybe the full wording should be included below? Other than that the conference looks very interesting and I like the way its been set-up. Best of luck & hope to be there. D Evans

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