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A Twitter friend of mine @ian_vaughan recently messaged me with his exciting new website and asked me to take a look. I’m not a web designer, and even hesitate to offer much more than a consumers perspective on these sorts of things, but I must say what I saw really impressed me.

The site called claims to be ‘Your social travel agent’. The idea is very simple. If you were to find a great deal on a holiday, flight or what have you, and you shared that deal on “” and then other users of the site were to book that deal – you make money!

I must say right off, I have only looked through the site and poked about on the various users, I haven’t used it to buy a holiday, and I’m not qualified to advise you on whether these deals are worth buying or not, you can tell that for yourself, Neither do I have any relationship, financial or otherwise with the site.

Having got that out of the way, I can tell you I really like what I see. It’s a lovely bright site, nicely designed. The company looks really professional and all the deals are laid out in a brilliant fashion giving the sense of the wonder that a hard earned holiday does. And whats not to love about cheaper holidays right?

At the very least, whether you register to take part or not, its got to be worth having a look around and trying to find a bargain.

All the big travel companies are there, and you are buying directly from them, not the site. Clicking on the deals takes you to the site of the travel company itself, like this:

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And there are loads to look at too. A quick peruse just now sees deals on holidays and flights from Flybe as above, and British Airways to Mothers Day spa breaks and Sunshine holidays to Turkey.

The best bit has to be the ‘social part’ though I’m guessing?

The site claims to make the process really easy too:

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Screenshot from

And the idea is really compelling. This seems to be a site where you can not only find a great deal from a reputable company, you can also post the great deals you find elsewhere and earn a commission on those that sell.

So there you go, a great idea, and I hope it works out for the owners. In the meantime, why not check it out. As I said, I’ve no link to the site, and have not used the services to book anything, not have I registered, so I can’t comment on that side either, but it certainly looks worth a look before booking your next holiday.