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I’ve seen a few of these sort of highlights posts over the last few days, and none better than ‘Big Posts that made a Difference’ by Mark Schaefer over at the Businesses Grow blog – a daily read for me. It’s a great post, not least as it provides a great guide around Marks blog for those people new to it, or those that maybe have just dipped in occasionally.

I must say it inspired me to have a look over the last years action on this blog and provide you, dear reader, with an idea of what were the top rated posts on The Completely Free Marketing Advice blog. I’ll use a combination of top rated in terms of readers, but also my favorite posts. As you may well know  it’s not always the case that those two things are the same.

To kick us off, here are some of the stats from the blog for the last year.

This blog had 30,000 views in 2012. In 2012, there were 171 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 200 posts. There were 265 pictures. That’s about 5 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was December 12th with 311 views. The most popular post that day was The Biggest Mistake Advertisers Make by the lovely Mr Mike Bersin – not that I am at all annoyed that the biggest post all year was a guest post!

The top 5 posts by traffic last year were

The Biggest Mistake Advertisers Make 33 COMMENTS November 2012 (Guest Post)

The sales persons greatest strength is also their biggest weakness 4 COMMENTS March 2012

What to do when the client says ‘No!’ 11 COMMENTS February 2012

Sales Managers have the easiest job in the world! 4 COMMENTS May 2012

Latest: The Social Media Conference for Wales 9 COMMENTS April 2012

The blog was viewed in 120 countries in all with most readers coming from the UK, but with the US and Canada a close second.

blog visitors

Next up, the 5 people who I owe most to in terms of engagement, the top five commenters on the blog were:

 Mike Bersin 35 COMMENTS

 Barbara 20 COMMENTS


 mrsmoti 16 COMMENTS

 Kaarina Dillabough (@KDillabough) 15 COMMENTS

Thank you all, as always, for being such an important part of the blog!

And now my personal favourite posts – not the most traffic, but the ones I enjoyed writing the most.

Five ways to deal with difficult people 

The Change Myth

Why Social Media is Wrong for your business 

I’m not a Sales Person 

Why your Social Media Marketing Campaign is Rubbish 

There you go, that’s the year in a nutshell, and a nice walk around the website. (I’d absolutely advise you to check out the videos on the essential video tab at the top of the page too – there is some extremely valuable stuff there.)

Last by not least, I’d like to thank my brilliant guest bloggers who have popped up over the year. And say how much I hope I can rely on them for more free content throughout the next! The top guest posters were:

You already know him as the most popular poster on the site Mike Bersin. He posted about the biggest mistake advertisers make here.

Mr Technical Website and Search Engine stuff Paul Fairburn of Aimiable Consulting. Paul’s posts on Google disciplines  is here, on Search Engine Success is here and Facebook Timelines is here.

My most recent recruit to the guest post line up the superbly talented Kaarina Dillabough whose great post on Marketing Strategy is here.

Joel Hughes with another technical post (lesson here?) 5 Killer ideas for your website

All that remains to say, is that I wish you all the very best for the new year, and everything you hope dream and pray for. Next year is going to be awesome! Lets enjoy every minute of it!

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  1. TheJackB
    TheJackB says:

    Hi Tony,

    I always like reading the posts that blog authors liked the most. They aren’t always the same as the ones that received the most traffic or comments. Hope 2013 is not just good, but great for you.

  2. Jenny Bersin
    Jenny Bersin says:

    Hi Tony … good to see that I know a top blogger (no competion there of course) and very delighted that you asked me along to guest blog too. Hope that 2013 brings you all that you desire, need and want in stylsih bucket loads, of course!

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