Number 1 – They can’t afford it, and that means they genuinely can’t afford it. And we simply shouldn’t be wasting their time or ours in continuing to talk to them.

Number 2 – They don’t see the return. Despite your stellar sales ability, and I’ve no doubt the world’s greatest ever presentation, they simply aren’t convinced!

The interesting thing is, most clients are way too polite to let on to this. You’re a nice person. Friendly, affable, you may even be funny. The last thing they want to do is offend you by not buying whatever it is you have to sell. So on you go. Selling, not listening. Following up with phone calls and emails in a seemingly never ending series of deferrals. Maybe they still haven’t spoken to that partner that’s still on holiday? Maybe the FD has been too busy for them to get in front of? Or maybe they just havent had the time to give your ideas the full and frank appraisal they clearly deserve!

They aren’t going to buy

How many times have you converted a sale thats gone on and on versus one that you’ve closed after the first or second call, or first or second follow up telephone call? You see? Even your own experience is trying to tell you something

And its all because you haven’t convinced them it’s going to work!

you may have made a presentation, but if they dont think it will work, they aren't buying

  1. dave quinney
    dave quinney says:

    I have found that some clients just dont have the courage of their own convictions, an example is a client who aspires to be a brand leader in his category but fails to make the decsion to act now. this is only based on my own experience.

    • damiandowling
      damiandowling says:

      Is he lacking the courage of his convictions Dave? Or is he lacking conviction in yours?
      Scenario 1 – Imagine that he was stone cold convinced in what you are selling him, why would he possibly defer the decision?
      Scenario 2 – Now imagine he isn’t convinced, but so as to not upset you, or because he sees a value in the relationship with you, and therefore so as to not lose that relationship, he doesn’t tell you that he isn’t convinced?
      Which senario makes more sense do you think?

  2. Lucy Snell
    Lucy Snell says:

    Just came across your blog from your review on {grow}. Looking forward to reading your posts and receiving more updates from you. I’m a strong believer that people buy people and so if someone doesn’t like you or your approach – there’s far to many aggressive “salesy” approaches out there then they just won’t buy from you. More often that not though people don’t have the courage to say this so they’ll avoid you, or give you the easier response that they have no budget!

    Also, what about your earlier post that people won’t buy unless there’s a need.

    Looking forward to interacting more!

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Hi Lucy and welcome! Glad you like what you’ve seen so far. I really look forward to hearing from you more in the future.

      You make a great point about people not telling you why they aren’t buying, and why should they! But too many sellers miss the point – the client hasnt bought, so something has gone wrong. they dont need the product maybe, or we havent convinced them they need it, or we have done something else in the process that has missed the mark

      Just because people arent telling you that you are a lousy sales person, it doesnt mean youre not a lousy sales person!

      I think there may well be a post on this topic, the things clients ‘make up’ to get rid of us when we have messed up in some way

      thanks again!