I’ve got a confession to make.

I love adverts.

I was that kid who stopped playing to watch when the commercials came on the TV.

I’ve always been a student of ads. Radio ads, Posters, TV, Cinema – All sorts and shapes and sizes. I love looking at them, I love talking about them and trying to understand how they might work.

Most of all I love working in an industry where I get to design ads and see them working for my clients.

Here are some amazing print ads I found while looking at a new site (to me) called Soozi Q which seems to have a fantastic line in quirky, interesting and very compelling content. Warning, if you visit it, be prepared to lose an hour or so of your day!



helpnotlikeHitlerLegoLollyThere are a few more at the link to the Soozi Q site too. Let me have a look at your favourites?

And whats the best medium? TV? Radio? Or as this might suggest, is Print still king of the hill?

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