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After more than 20 years of business and more than 40 years of living, these are my indulgent, hardly original thoughts on life, marketing and sales and everything in between. You’ll spot the numerous sources for this stuff, most of it isn’t original. What is original is the personal take and experience which has shaped these views.

 Ask and you get, don’t and you won’t!

You will be amazed at what people will do for you if you just ask them! This should be ingrained in every sales person, or business person, before they are allowed out in public

Most people like to help and be a part of something and the simple expedient of accepting this and using it to your advantage in every day circumstances can be very powerful.

Focus on it and it will happen

Eye on the prize

Eye on the prize (Photo credit: J. Star)

This is one of most fundamental beliefs. And I think its one of the things that sets a successful business person apart from everyone else.

If you focus on the negative and the mistakes, they will keep happening. If you focus on the positive and the desired outcomes, all will be well.

Nothing is as hard as it first seems. Simply focusing on the desired result brings amazing outcomes.

Haven’t you noticed this yourself? When you think about, or obsess about things, or jobs, or holidays, or whatever, you make them happen.

The important thing is what’s important!

It’s very easy to be distracted. Distraction leads to failure.

Decide on what you are doing and why you are doing it, and remind yourself every day. The hustle and bustle of the day can drag you in and make things more complicated than they actually are.

Ignore the detail, keep your eye and focus on the big picture and what’s important.

The power of your brand is inversely proportional to its scope

brand power

brand power (Photo credit: dv_flick)

Keep the brand pure and the concepts true. Every major successful brand follows this rule. Ask yourself, if you were the customer, would you expect this to be the case? Ask what makes your favorite brands, your favorite brands?

DON’T NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE BRAND VISION. It is your point of difference in an overcrowded market place

What does your brand mean to your customers? Don’t know? Find out! And nurture that at all times.

Don’t let even the smallest off message activity occur. It will eat away and diminish you and your brand. It is insidious.

All you have in the end is the brand.

So look after it.

You must note this applies to YOU the brand, as well as your business.

Every one lies, everyone has and agenda and, ultimately, everyone will disappoint you.

This isn’t as bleak as it first appears, its empowering. Manage your expectations of people and you will deal with them better.

Be aware that nothing is as it seems and everything has a back ground and context and you will be more open to the opportunities that present themselves, and more wary of potential slip ups.

A problem we have is that we judge people by our own standards, not their standards. And always remember, you don’t know what standards they are judging themselves on. Or you for that matter!

Keep your eye on the prize

Drive is everything. No amount of creativity or buzz can replace sheer bloody minded desire to win. This is the single biggest difference between success and failure.

Believe in yourself and what you’re doing, because most other people won’t

And be aware that you need to manage this in yourself. It’s impossible to believe all the time, there will be times where your faith will be shaken and doubts will creep in. But if you genuinely have drive, it will always come back, no matter what happens.

If you have drive you will be a success, because you can’t stop yourself!

Sales is a function of activity

Quite simply, the more people you see, the more people will buy off you. Multiply your efforts by looking for opportunities to talk to as many people as possible.

Remember business goes where it is invited, and the more people who know about your business, the more people will do business with you!

You can teach monkeys to sell!

English: Monkeys in Jaipur, India. I don't kno...

A recent sales meeting  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make sure you have reliable simple and robust processes. Even the most basic or inexperienced of employees can learn these processes. Don’t let things be random when they don’t need to be. Give people the parameters that you want them to work too, and that’s what they will do.

Teach people about your brand and that’s what they will preach

Encourage best efforts at all times and that’s what they’ll practice.

Have the systems in place and adhere to them, they give people the instructions to do the job.

You won’t replicate genuine talent, but you’ll get close.

Innovate or Die!

You must listen to the market. True marketing orientated organisations offer things to the market place that the market place doesn’t even know it wants. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you can always drop them.

Above all, your people will be really motivated by your innovation, so don’t hold back

Take Risks

But always measure the risk, and be sure you can afford to fail. Then fail again, and fail better Fails lots!

It’s the only way to learn. It doesn’t matter how many books you read or courses you go on, or people you talk to. No training is a substitute for experience

Experience taught us to walk, to ride a bike to live and love. Why should it be any different in business?

Message transmitted is not the same as message received!

It doesn’t matter how many times I say this people still don’t get it. Don’t leave important communication to email and be careful on the phone or even Skype.

Deliver your communication as clearly as possible and ask for feedback to make sure your message has got through. Make sure the people you are talking to (including your customers) know what you are talking about.

If it’s not measured, it’s not managed!

English: Measurement unit

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An oldie, but a goodie! The amount of small business out there that don’t have the first idea of how well or not their business is running constantly amazes me.

Be aware of how each budget line is doing, be aware of how efficient your processes are, and be aware of how efficient your people are.

Be aware of how efficient you are. Bench mark and plot your improvements

There is no right or wrong, only perspective

Don’t take things so personally.

Remember that where you stand is all important. Be aware everyone has their own view on everything. What’s good for you or the business can’t be good for everyone else, so don’t pretend it is.

Try the middle view, stand in between conflicting opinions and look both ways before crossing.

Perception is reality

You have the ultimate power. Control over everything!

Be aware that all you know is what you perceive. Be aware that you can play tricks on yourself as readily as anyone else! Be aware that once you know these things, you can control them.

See it!  Want it? Take it!

Coming out of the Earth's shadow

Shoot for it (Photo credit: congvo)

No one will ever put you first and give to you what you deserve. If you want something, go and get it. Don’t stand back, don’t hesitate. Nothing will get handed to you on a plate.

If you spend your life in the background waiting for what you think you deserve, you will spend a long time waiting. You’ll ultimately be very disappointed.

Do not abdicate responsibility for yourself (or your actions) Don’t allow anyone or anything else that power over you.

Take what you want. Just don’t hurt anyone.

What’s wrong with pain?

The Buddhists teach us that all pain is illusion brought on by desire. If you desire nothing you will feel no pain.

What’s wrong with pain? It shows you that you are alive and can feel. It shows you what’s important and what you truly want. It teaches you.

It ultimately protects you, it makes you stronger.

 Don’t be evil (As ‘Google’ might say!)

Remain true to yourself and your principles. Never do things that make you uncomfortable. If in doubt, ask yourself ‘what would my mum think’?

You are your soul, whatever that means to you, and you must look after it!

Leaders are born, not made

Follow The Leader!

Follow The Leader! (Photo credit: VinothChandar)

If you are a follower, follow

If not, you don’t need me to tell you to lead, you are already doing it

The only truth you can achieve is truth you achieve through intellectualisation

Think about it. Feel it, cogitate and meditate. Look at it from every angle. Explore, investigate, interrogate.

Until you can believe in it, it’s not true. When you can believe, it is true

It’s as simple as that

Only some truths are worth it

Know what’s important and don’t worry about anything else.

The only person you should rely on

Is you.

You have the power to do whatever you need to do. So do it

If you find someone you can truly rely on, don’t ever let them go.

Take responsibility

For yourself and your actions. Don’t make excuses.

Ask yourself, why did I fail? How can I do it better?

It’s never someone else’s fault. That single thought is so destructive. That prevents you from being able to change things, and take control of your own destiny.

Everything is change

Never be in doubt. Everything changes all the time. Don’t fight it, embrace it. Reinvent at all times.

Change is not good or bad, change is life.

Either do it, or don’t do it, There is nothing in between!

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films

Did you spot him? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t procrastinate, don’t put things off, do them or don’t.

And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t. Be kind to yourself.

Your vision of who you are and where you want to be is your greatest asset.

It’s what separates the successful from the not successful.

Hold true to your vision and it will hold true to you.

Bend, don’t break

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona in Glen Canyon Nationa...

Water always find a way: Horseshoe Bend, Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fight for sure, but if you can’t win, don’t play. Don’t bang heads when you are only going to waste everyone’s time.

Be like the tide; go over under around or through. Nothing stops the tide.

Never doubt that sometimes you will lose, you will fail. It doesn’t matter

Just keep getting up and going on.

Have a plan

This simple expedient will make sure you are the success you deserve to be. Follow it (adapt it) Know what is important and the determinants of your success, and have the discipline to stick to the plan.

Know where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

What do you know? add your wisdom to the comments below, or email me directly on [email protected] 

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  1. Mike Bersin
    Mike Bersin says:

    Happy New Year! I LOVE the inverse law applied to brand scope and power. I’m going to apply that to commercial radio; the power of your radio ad is in inverse proportion to the amount of detail you put in it!

  2. Kaarina Dillabough (@KDillabough)
    Kaarina Dillabough (@KDillabough) says:

    Wow…just wow. To quote from Dr. Seuss’ book Oh the Places You’ll Go: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
    Cheers! Kaarina

    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Hi Kaarina! Great to see you over here. Thank you for that comment, I have to say the works of that particular physician are something of a mystery to me, so I very much appreciate that!

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