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I use Triberr to promote my blog and it works great. I need to understand it better, but there seems to me to be two main reasons to use it. Or at least there are two main reasons why I use it!

The first is it’s a great way to build relationships with other bloggers that you rate, and therefore get more sharing of your work out there from people who are aligned and write about the same sort of stuff that you do! Always a bonus!

Secondly and much more importantly, I have found it an incredible way to find amazing content.

Every day I zip through my Triberr feed and see what the tribe mates have left for me! I have read some awesome stuff through this method, and continue to build links and relationships and learn tons about what I love doing – be it blogging or social media or anything else


This lady is one of the stars I’ve come across in the last week or so and I love her work. She s clearly an expert in what she does, but writes in a fantastically accessible way too. Her name is Shelly Kramer and this is what she has to say about herself on her V3 Integrated Marketing site

”I’m a marketing/digital strategist, geek, tech lover, idea generator, gadget addict, WWF-loving, wordsmith-y kinda gal. I like people. It shows.”

I’ve just read a piece she has written on how to get google to like your website and I am so impressed. Its technical yet understandable. Shelly blogs a lot, and I’ve shared her stuff quite a bit on Twitter, but i thought this one deserved picking out!

She starts the article talking through the importance of site navigation and why submitting a site map is so important to Google. She touches on Links and SEO and gives some of the most sensible advice I’ve ever come across. Her thoughts on the usefulness of your site, key words and SEO copy writing are very insightful.

The piece goes on to explore quite technical stuff like alt tags for images and cross browser testing and even load times. A bit beyond me, but explained in such a way as to make it possible for even me to follow! But don’t ask me to explain! Finishing up with thoughts on going mobile with your website she brings a terrific piece to a sensible conclusion.

SHelly also manages in an insightful and technical blog, to give us some insight into the character of her business and the way they like to do business. A smart trick indeed

All the stuff I’ve read so far has been great, and I heartily recommend following Shelly. Let me know what you think?

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