Dave ‘Giff’ Gifford – This man knows selling

My friend and personal mentor of many years has finally bitten the digital bullet and launched a website! This is great news for radio sales people particularly, all over the world, as he is without doubt the greatest radio sales expert in the world today!

Its called Sales How to, with David W Gifford, you must check it out! And stay tuned in to his regular blog posts. I’ve read a lot of Giffs stuff over the years and it is excellent. He has an innovative approach with this website, meaning you can engage his hugely effective services via Skype, so if you are sales exec, especially a radio sales exec, you can get ‘Giffed’ wherever you live, whenever it suits!

He is one of the most intelligent sales consultants out there, with literally decades of experience at what he does. He has plied his trade all over the world, including the UK. You will find plenty of radio people over here that have been trained by him at some point.

I can pay him no higher compliment than to say he has been the biggest single influence in my career. A great friend and mentor, he has also taught me most of what I know about selling, if not actually most of what he knows!

I simple cannot recommend him highly enough. He is brutally fair, utterly honourable and very bad at golf.

Get over there and check it out!

  1. Nick Smith
    Nick Smith says:

    Ah Giff what a legend! A fantastic bloke and a true inspiration to me. I am still using all of his techniques and philosophies and I look back at our training days with fond memories (although the mad nights before did make being giffed difficult at times!).
    If you haven’t been giffed I can highly recommend, it increased my sales after every course I did.
    Giff if you are “listening” get yourself on Twitter, your little one liners are made for social media…period!