A great bit of fun from the Jeff Bullas blog today – the top Facebook pages by number of likes – you might be surprised!

1) Facebook for every phone – over 130M likes!

2) Facebook! – 71M Likes

3) Texas Hold ‘Em Poker – over 64M likes

4) You Tube – over 62M Likes

5) Eminem – over 60M Likes

6) Rhianna – over 60M Likes (but just behind Eminem)

7) The Simpson – nearly 55M Likes

8) Shakira – over 54M likes

9) Lady Gaga – over 53M Likes

10) Michael Jackson – over 51M Likes

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    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Hi Rebecca, welcome to the blog! You might be right, but i think there is a far more simpler argument at play here.
      Gamification is the term I’ve heard connected to this sort of stuff. The ability to introduce game types functions to heavily engage the user.
      Lots of sites, including retail and other ecommerce can learn a lot from these guys in terms of keeping people on the pages and getting them deep into the brand experience.
      I see there are even some comments apps that know will rank the commenters on your blog from high to low which encourages participation.
      And of course Kred have just introduced ‘kred leader boards’ to rank chatter about a brand or product or whatever on social platforms to allow you to id big influencers, but importantly to encourage engagement once again
      Zynga are very much innovators to be studied and to learn from I think!