The opportunity you have IS the opportunity, stop waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

Every day I listen to people who just need a final piece of the puzzle to drop before they can kick on. People waiting for the ducks to be put in order before they can push on with their master plan. And note well, waiting for the ducks to be put in order, not even necessarily waiting to put their own ducks in order. They bemoan the quirks of fate, happenstance and coincidence that stand in their way. Or worse, the conspiracies and collisions of others that hold them back.

In other words, they list the things that prevent them fulfilling their potential, be it at work or even in their personal lives. The uncontrollable, unknowable forces of fate or destiny that are dictating their success or otherwise in whatever endeavour they have undertaken. All the while not realising, that by actually focussing on these negatives in this way, they give them a life they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Thats right, by thinking on these things and considering them and lamenting them, you are in fact creating for them a life way beyond their actual capacity to do you any harm.

I’m not some positive thinking junky. I don’t believe that simply fixing on a dazzling smile, or forcing that frown up side down are sufficiently sophisticated strategies to succeed – Though I note lots of successful people are naturally positive. Rather, as I have spoken about before, I think you need to be proactive, not positive. I think you need to take responsibility for yourself and the actions you take.

You can’t take responsibility for every random thing that happens to you – but you can control how you respond to things. Lying low and licking your wounds after a tough time is perfectly understandable, natural and sensible. But at some point you need to get back up and fight another round.

But that’s not the point here. For me this is about risk. The risk that you will run out of time before doing what you want to do.

How much time do you think you have? Another 50 years? 40? 30? Don’t count on it. Literally don’t count on it. Every day I see life changing stuff happen to people all around me. Just this week, friends of mine have found themselves hospitalised in potentially life changing situations. I know they didn’t see those events coming. I can still remember when my little boys were born and as babies one of them was eventually diagnosed with Autism. Let me tell you – something like that happens to you, and EVERYTHING changes. In an instant.

No warning, no preparation, nothing. Something happens and your world changes. Thats it. Chance gone.

Chance gone, unless that is, you’re not waiting for the chance to come along. Unless you’re the type of person that just takes the chance that’s there.

And your newly changed world? Your newly upside down and back to front world? Thats has opportunities too. Sure they are different from they were, maybe harder to see, because they are different – but no better or worse that what went before.

Those moments, those pivotal times in your life when things change and when things hurt? You have to allow yourself some space, some time to wallow, time to heal – its only fair.

But you’ve GOT to take that opportunity. JUMP IN – both feet. Stop waiting. Ask yourself – Can you afford the risk?

Do it. Do it now.

Go on.



Reposted from a previous blog.