There was a fascinating article over at Shelly Kramers V3 Integrated Marketing blog last week. The article shares some of the highlights from IBM’s  2012 Global CEO study, and particualrly the bits about social media.

There is a load of good insight over there for you to check out, but the most interesting may be these three snippets.

  • 16% of CEOs say they use social media today as a top way to engage with customers. And they expect their use of social media to more than triple in the next five years.
  • CEOs believe that social media will become one of the top two ways to engage customers within five years, an evolution that will likely come at the expense of traditional media.
  • Views on social media vary depending on the industry. CEOs in education (77 percent), telecommunications (73 percent) and retail (72 percent) expect social media to be a key channel for customer engagement, compared with only 34 percent in industrial products, 51 percent in insurance and 52 percent in electronics.


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