Purple cow

I’m a business and strategy coach. Makes sense? But I’m a ‘purple cow’ too – a business coach with a difference, and that difference is in the way I work, putting your organisation’s culture at the centre of what I do, and ensuring the deliverables I produce for your business are real world, no nonsense and immediately actionable. No jargon, no mess, no fuss.

This isn’t about producing an inch thick report that spends the rest of its life sat in a drawer. It’s about producing a living breathing document that will direct your business for the next 3, 5 or even 10 years.

Every engagement starts with an analysis of where you are and we will work to understand where it is you want to go. This results in the production of the Business Improvement Plan. bespoke to you and your businesses specific circumstances. This is the essence of the Real Results System.

Over a couple of days on site, meeting you, the business owner, and key members of the team I will provide the following:

Cash Flow and Profitability Analysis

Do you know where your money is going? Are you making enough? Need more profit? Does your business pay you a salary and your taxes? It should… Your ‘real revenue’ will be analysed and compared with the elite companies of your size drawn from data produced all over the world. This analysis will result in simple recommendations that will lead to improvements in your cash flow and immediately start to have a positive impact on your profitability.

Systems and Processes Review

I’ve never met a business who didn’t think their systems and processes are unique to them and a result or careful fine tuning over time. I’ve also never met a business where I haven’t been able to significantly streamline and simplify these processes in order to maximise return, reduce redundancies and unblock potential. It doesn’t matter how good your plans are, your tactics (or processes and systems) are what makes things happen. Or not. as the case may be.

Marketing Analysis 

“I know half my marketing works, the problem is, I don’t know which half” so goes the famous saying. I will review your brand position and marketing messages and consider the effectiveness of all channels. What are the marketing targets? Are they being met? If not, why not? Should you be looking at new products or new markets? Are your marketing channels drying up? do you need fresh new ideas?

Your marketing analysis can also feature an optional data audit, and work towards GDPR compliance if required.

Sales Analysis 

Do you know enough about your customers, what about how much they spend and why they spend it? How do you replicate or clone your best clients? Where do you find them? What are you most profitable lines? Who is your best sales person? How can you increases sales? Can you up-skill the team? Do you need to move some people on, but lack the data? If you are generally unhappy with your sales effort and don’t really know why, I’ll find out, and provide fixes too.

Summary Report 

I’ll put all this info into an easy to understand overview of how your business is performing. It won’t contain a ton of jargon or unnecessary padding. It’s a real world document intended to show where you’re going right and wrong, and allow for laser like focus on improving your business going forward.

Business Improvement Plan

Drawing from the analysis undertaking and in full consultation with you and the key players in the business, we will draw up a series of solutions to all of the issues we have uncovered. If things are going well, we will develop plans to protect the business, reduce debt, and facilitate growth.

We will look at the People and Culture of the organisation, the products, design, delivery, customer conversion, retention, and the way you promote the business. I will provide Real World strategies, tactics and systems with a full set of KPI’s to help keep you on track.

Further Help

Once the plan is delivered its over to you. But I can also arrange a level of ongoing support to suit how you want to run your business. I can be light touch on a monthly and quarterly accountability basis, or totally immersed in the business handling the specific changes required for you.

If you think this is of interest to you and your organisation, get in touch. Lets have a conversation and find out more about each other. I’ll be happy to provide you with a ‘no obligation’ quote and answer any questions you may have.

Call me on 01792 720 191 or email [email protected] 

I look forward to helping you fulfil your business potential!